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Together  We Grow

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Our vision

Together, Enable the Evolution of Mobility

Mobility is an essential need for all people - whether at work, shopping issues or during leisure time. The question of the right vehicle can now be posed anew. In the past, people were dependent on finding a vehicle that covered most use cases. Today, the right conditions exist to provide a broad mobility mix and thus purpose-optimized vehicles.

Mobility is already changing. The shared mobility sector in particular offers new business models and additional values for providers and users through the shared use of vehicles and rides within target groups. This means that mobility can be provided according to a principle that users already appreciate in music and movies: On Demand.

Countries / Continents


The next step

An Ecosystem for Providers and Users

MOQO connects the participating players of regional and supraregional sharing offers on a mobility platform. Drivers can access individual offers with the sharing app. Providers serve their target groups and design their business models with the operator portal. Vehicle and telematics manufacturers gain new sales channels and thus become part of the mobility ecosystem.

A company car after work or a van for moving and shopping, an e-bike on vacation or a city speedster for the last kilometers from the airport to the business meeting. Shared mobility starts with attractive offers on your own doorstep, operated and marketed by local partners.



Thinking Ahead and Network

With the continuous development of the platform, we increase the quality and creativity for designing new offers by providers. We participate in research projects to find out, for example, how air cabs can become a component of lived mobility. We put processes to the test to develop guidelines that support you in your work as a provider.

By integrating new service partners and participating in networks, we combine the interests of the individual players with the aim of expanding the service landscape for providers and drivers.


The team behind MOQO

Supported by experts

For more than 10 years, the people behind MOQO have been developing software and process solutions for the mobility sector. A team of experts from various disciplines ensures agile product development in a dynamic market and support in the implementation of successful shared mobility projects.

Michael Minis

Markus Harmsen

Lisa Mattos
Product Manager

Navid Gooran
Android Engineer

Stefan Heinz
Head of Marketing

Joffrey Mabuma
Head of Project Management

Shima Sharifi
Lead iOS Engineer

Luisa Mangen
Customer Success Manager

Markus Kemmann
Head of Software Development

Guido Schlüper
Inbound Sales Lead

Miriam Sommer
Content Management

Valerie Casco
Key Account Manager

Lamiaa Razine
Project Lead

Alexander Kesler
Junior Backend Engineer

Azika Sadiq
BI & Analytics

Kevin Silaj
Junior Backend Developer

Leon Reiß
Academy Content Manager

Levi Neumann
Change Agent

Panagiotis Skarlas
Backend Developer

Kilian Baums
Customer Success Manager

Markus Adam
Key Account Manager

Jan Jaeger
OBU Expert / Rollout Manager

Mohit Prabhughate
Key Account Manager

Tobias Wosnitza
User Experience Designer

To succeed as a team and grow as individuals, we work within a values-based culture.

Customer Centricity




Continuous Improvement


Helping to Shape the Future?

We are always looking for new, motivated colleagues who want to leave an impact with their skills in a modern and sustainable company.

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