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Cities and municipal utilities

Shape Your city

Become an innovation driver in your city and distinguish yourself by providing attractive services that address the challenges of tomorrow.

  • Enhance product portfolio
  • Image-enhancing measures
  • Mobilize residents and tourists
  • Reduce traffic pressure
  • Support clean air plan

Best Practices

„As a regional energy supplier, it is important to us to offer sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility in the countryside that can be used by all social groups. To this end, we have been able to win two strong partners in MOQO and the Ammergau Alps Nature Park.“
Anton Poettinger
Energie Südbayern / Ammer Loisach Energie

How municipal utilities can benefit from sharing offers

Set up a car sharing scheme, run and manage it properly, work out benefits for cities and municipal utilities - download the EVL Limburg case study for free to learn more.

All-in-one software

It is important to have a system in which you can work efficiently in a team, use design freedom and rely on the stability of the platform. MOQO offers all the tools you need to operate independently.

Hardware and installation

With the telematics unit, which connects the real vehicle with the platform and users, your sharing offer comes to life. The installation of the hardware and networking with the platform is coordinated by the Customer Success Team.

Low start-up costs, smooth expansion

Test your business ideas on a small scale and then, after initial improvements and surveys, gradually expand the offering. Benefit from low set-up costs.

Innovation driver for smart cities

By networking individual development concepts, cities can be made more progressive, greener and more socially inclusive. Comprehensive mobility offerings are key innovation drivers in this context.

Measurable results

Increasing user numbers and vehicle utilization, app ratings and direct feedback, the use of discount promotions, sustainable kilometers traveled, and much more. The success of your measures can be counted in numbers.  

Mobility is a constant need of your residents. The implementation of a trip, without the possession of a vehicle and the associated costs and efforts, offers a novel solution for this.

Key facts

For Effective and Long-Term Partnerships

Use a range of different vehicles

The combination of diverse vehicle types creates added value, as cars, bikes and sit-on scooters serve different ranges, types of usage and user groups.

Automated payment processing

Once the payment means and system are set up, everything runs by itself. Payment transfer is automated, users receive summaries and invoices, and operators receive summaries of monthly payments.

Feedback from your users

Through app reviews and post-booking messages, you collect feedback to use in improving your services. That way, you can make informed decisions.

B2B and B2C solutions

Multiple accesses to a single fleet, as well as the distinction between business and private use, allow you to serve multiple target groups at the same time. You can also use Shared Mobility to manage your own company fleet.

With little effort in self service

With MOQO, you get all the features you need for independent operations. This means you are autonomous and can respond quickly to any challenges. 

Marketing tools and evaluation

Link your campaigns with the platform's marketing tools. A discount code system and a friends referral process are available.

All-in-one software

The Basis for All Providers

Driver app

Access to your vehicles. Drivers can find new offers, book vehicles, and manage invoices. All in your branding. About the app ⟶

Provider portal

Your central setup tool that lets you design offerings, monitor activities, and plan care - As a team and with an overview. About the portal ⟶

Setup and services

Simple processes and a Customer Success Team help with, for example, connecting new vehicles, migrating existing systems, 24/7 support, training and special issues. Connectivity ⟶

Features and modular design

Design individual offers in a modular system. Use numerous tools and features that can be easily added and customized. Features ⟶


  • Pilot projects from 5 vehicles

  • Ready to go in just a few weeks

  • Software training to get started

Recommended plans

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