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Your mobility product with MOQO as a basis

Do you know exactly what a shared mobility product should look like? Do you have your own processes and service elements that you want to offer your customers?

Use the MOQO platform as a solid basis for stability and attractive customer journeys. Use your capacities exclusively for your core specialties.

Best Practices

"Alternative mobility solutions are in high demand and flexibility is playing an increasingly important role. This innovative car sharing concept offers solutions for everyone. The offer is interesting for all those who want to share a car and combine sustainable mobility with state-of-the-art technology.“
Dominik Grimm
Project manager sharetoo

Norway's profitable car sharing provider

Bilkollektivet is not only the largest, but also the only profitable car sharing provider in Norway. This success is strongly related to the management of the business - and not least to strongly user-centric and long-term approaches.

Sharing apps and technology base

MOQO offers attractive sharing apps and professional software to run the operation. This allows you to focus on the second component of successful offerings: The setup of suitable business models. Software: Develop it yourself or outsource it? ⟶

Use sublicensing for acquisition

Sub-licensing access allows additional sharing provider accounts to be set up on the platform to provide their own shared mobility service via the MOQO platform.

Full white label

Use all MOQO tools in your own branding. Your logo, your colors and your name appear in the places where MOQO is otherwise present, not only in the white label app.

Different types of customers have different requirements. MOQO allows you to expand your business model and serve groups such as fleets, real estate companies, tourism associations and many more at the same time.

Key facts

The Platform on Which you Shine

Set up new offers quickly

New sharing offers are set up quickly. At the same time, you have the option of customizing them in detail. This allows you to quickly open up new locations and business customers.

Working in a team

Tasks can be easily discussed and delegated. Events like spills, failed payments and more automatically create a new task that you can then tackle in a structured way.

Transfer tasks to customers

Give your business customers permissions to manage their team independently or in cooperation. So they can validate licenses, manage vehicles, create bookings and more.

Platform for scalability

The MOQO platform is designed for continuous growth, horizontally and vertically. You can use the system in such a way that your customer and own projects are best represented.

Key account manager

For the success of your offers, for the optimal use and for setup questions, a personal contact person is at your disposal.

API interfaces

Do you want to use MOQO outside of the provided service app? With the API interface, the platform can also be controlled with your own software and thus connected to mobility hubs, for example.

All-in-one software

The Basis for All Providers

Driver app

Access to your vehicles. Drivers can find new offers, book vehicles, and manage invoices. All in your branding. About the app ⟶

Provider portal

Your central setup tool that lets you design offerings, monitor activities, and plan care - As a team and with an overview. About the portal ⟶

Setup and services

Simple processes and a Customer Success Team help with, for example, connecting new vehicles, migrating existing systems, 24/7 support, training and special issues. Connectivity ⟶

Features and modular design

Design individual offers in a modular system. Use numerous tools and features that can be easily added and customized. Features ⟶


  • Premium partnership on request

  • Analysis before project start

  • Migration of running services

Recommended plans

 Available plans ⟶