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The app as a start button

Scooter Sharing Software

Sit-on scooters are maneuverable, energy-efficient in transporting people and require a small parking area. This makes them the ideal urban vehicle, but also practical for longer distances. In sharing operations, they offer a basis for attractive business models thanks to these properties and a good image.

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The scooter sharing principle

Maximum Automated Scooter Rental

The motorized two-wheelers for the masses offer potential in meeting the challenges of modern cities and sustainable mobility. MOQO turns the app into a key, providing a pleasant booking experience and effective self-service support.

A wide variety of use cases

In the city or in the countryside, as a rental company, to expand your product portfolio or as a benefit for your employees. With scooter sharing, you become the provider of an attractive service for your target group.

Use cases ⟶

Design offers for your target group(s)

The focus is on the users of your fleet. So that they always know what to do, the MOQO app supports an intuitive booking process. As a provider, you can focus entirely on the design of your offers.

Find out what defines the target group you want to address. Based on characteristics, needs and whereabouts, you can derive the choice of appropriate car models, locations and required fleet strength. 

Driver app ⟶

Freely choose models

To connect the sit-on scooters to the booking system, a telematics unit must be available that communicates with the platform and smartphones.

The corresponding unit is installed in the vehicle or, depending on the model, the internal telematics unit of the scooter is used. Thus, you can choose between a variety of scooter models.

Bike connectivity⟶

Start small and scale smoothly

From newcomers to established providers with unique requirements, use the MOQO portal to effectively design and manage your sharing offerings with any size team.

Provider Portal ⟶

Intuitive booking process

The app is your drivers' constant companion, providing assistance and the necessary information at every step of the booking process.


E-scooters catch the eye. They are still rare, but the potential of their use speaks for itself. User acceptance and the return to a vehicle type that could soon be one of the pioneers of sustainable mobility thanks to new models is also growing continuously.

„Sharing is the new owning! With our mobility offer combined with MOQO's intuitive app, we can offer customers a flexible and easy-to-use car sharing system.“
Beat Bättig

Simple and fast setup

Start from 5 Sit-on Scooters

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