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We Grow

14. - 15. 05. | Aachen


Join us next spring for another transformative 1.5 days of collaboration and connection at the MOQO Summit 2024! Engage with fellow shared mobility experts, providers and service partners and meet the people behind the MOQO platform.


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What to Expect



Growth isn’t necessarily only about expanding to new markets or adding to your fleet. Growth also means becoming more stable and gaining more clarity.  

At the MOQO Summit 2024, we're diving deep into the core of shared mobility businesses, exploring the roots that sustain and nurture while reaching for new horizons that drive growth. 

How to stabilize your foundations

We'll analyze configurations, topics, and features, seeking ways to evolve and enhance them to ensure quality and user satisfaction.

How to discover new possibilities

Simultaneously, we'll explore new horizons for your business to thrive. Exchange insights and best-practices to pioneer new set-ups, connections, and business options.

Let’s root to rise.

Why Attend



Gain insights and actionable takeaways from networking sessions, keynotes and workshops. Understand your sharing platform and its functions even better.


Forge meaningful connections with like-minded shared mobility providers, industry experts, thought leaders, and the MOQO team.


Be at the forefront of shaping both the future of shared mobility and the MOQO platform. Your participation is crucial in creating innovations that meet user expectations.

Meet the MOQO network

Market Influencer

Mobility Provider

Service Operator

MOQO Experts

Looking Back



In May 2023, 100 sharing operators and market experts gathered in Aachen under the motto “Collaboration - Achieving More Together”. 9 keynote talks, 10 workshops and 1.5 days led to innumerable insights, perspectives and best-practices shared. 

The speakers ranged from vendors on the MOQO platform to network partners and external market experts to MOQO itself. The interactive workshop formats offered plenty of opportunity to learn from each other. 








Photos by Patrick Engels

"The event was great, well organized and well moderated. Some ideas were collected during the workshops, ..."

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