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Go Pro via API 

Connect your Expert Tools

Connect pro tools from other operational fields to MOQO. Your data should be synchronized so that you can act quickly and reduce data maintenance tasks.

With our APIs, you can set up interfaces for data exchange with these tools.


High security level

Numerous data points

Benefits of connected software

Optimize your Workspace

As your shared mobility offers scale, the tasks and challenges grow with it. This is why operational excellence, i.e. the optimisation of your processes, is becoming increasingly important.

From a certain scope, this also includes the implementation of professional software for individual task areas. These offer a range of functions that goes far beyond that of our All-in-One application.

This is where our APIs (application programming interface) come into play to enable the exchange of data and communication between the applications.

Use Cases at MOQO

Frequently Connected Applications


Single sign-on instead of a flood of apps. This is what drivers who want to travel sustainably and compare mobility offers are looking for.

MaaS platforms bundle local mobility and thus offer you attention and entry points for new user groups.

All about MaaS platforms > 

Fleet Management Software

Large fleets require additional attention that needs to be automated. As a fleet manager, you are responsible for numerous tasks and your team.

A fleet management tool helps you keep track and get organized.


Process marketing measures on a large scale, from planning to implementation to evaluation, targeted to the desired recipient group from your sharing offers.

With some tools, you can even link your marketing directly to the customer journey and give drivers the right impulses at the right time.

BI Tools

How is the utilization of your vehicles doing? How well do specific locations work? Which user group is particularly responsive to individual offers?

Business Intelligence is the topic of analysing your performance. Network an analysis tool that addresses your challenges.


Usually, larger companies already have suitable software. The more extensive the automatic connection is set up, the easier the transfer for your accounting. 

MOQO provides you with the data you need via API or CSV.


The data interfaces for processing toll charges have already been tested in some countries. 

Experience shows that the data for the integration of a new country must first be refined in a project development, because there are regularly deviations in the requirements.

Further areas of use possible

The examples listed are for inspiration. Whether a software, no matter from which field, can be connected depends only on the compatibility of the data sets.

The product itself


The APIs at MOQO provide a gateway for exchange with third-party software delivering large compatibility and data freedom.

However, it also follows that the setup must be carried out by technically skilled personnel on the part of the sharing provider.

Currently, three API types are offered. These could be combined with each other depending on the desired result.

Driver API

Aggregator API

Graph API

Set up process

How to get Started?

1. Get a developer

You need technically skilled staff who have experience with the challenges of such a technical implementation.

In cooperation with them and with a MOQO staff member, you can then discuss the realization of the implementation of your software solution.

2. Get access to the docu 

The exact features of our APIs as well as instructions on how to set them up are available in the form of detailed documentation. 

Access is available as a sharing provider on the MOQO platform or through your collaboration with one.

Good to Know


The security of access to the platform via APIs is checked and expanded at regular intervals with external experts.

Integration Projects

Depending on the scope of the project, MOQO offers a joint set-up of the interfaces to your software.

An extension of the data sets, based on your requirements, is also possible.

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