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Bike Sharing Software

Bicycles are much more than just a lifestyle object, in fact they are a real mobility alternative with potential on short distances. With bike sharing, this potential can be used to rent out bicycles, e-bikes and cargo bikes in attracting offers.

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The bike sharing principle

Digital Bike Rental

The popularity of bicycles is on the rise. With E-bikes and cargo bikes also the target groups and use cases got expanded. With MOQO, rental systems can be digitized and automated to create attractive offers with added value for operators and users.

A wide variety of use cases

Young and older commuters in the cities, tourism promotion and weekend excursions, small errands as well as larger ones through cargo bikes, additional modules to other forms of mobility.

With the mobility offered by bike sharing you create satisfied users and open up potentials for your business model in bike rental. MOQO serves you with a platform on which you can start quickly, safely and efficiently.

Use cases ⟶

Design offers for your target group(s)

The focus is on the users of your fleet. So that they always know what to do, the MOQO app supports an intuitive booking process. As a provider, you can focus entirely on the design of your offers.

Find out what defines the target group you want to address. Based on characteristics, needs and whereabouts, you can derive the choice of appropriate car models, locations and required fleet strength. 

Driver app ⟶

Freely choose bike models

Trekking bike, Dutch bike, e-bike, cargo bike or even a tandem? Use the bikes of your choice, according to the preferences of your users.

With the installation of a suitable bike lock, you can connect most bikes to the MOQO platform and, depending on the bike model, also read out additional data. Furthermore, it is possible to set up special bike stations.

Bike connectivity⟶

Start small and scale smoothly

From newcomers to established providers with unique requirements, use the MOQO portal to effectively design and manage your sharing offerings with any size team.

Provider Portal ⟶

Intuitive booking process

The app is your drivers' constant companion, providing assistance and the necessary information at every step of the booking process.


To get even more out of your bike sharing you can create offers for surrounding businesses with exclusive access and special conditions.

"In MOQO we found exactly the simple and arbitrarily expandable software platform we were looking for for our smart and flexible bike sharing system in Merano. The MOQO team was able to implement our customizations, such as the Italian-language app, in a timely manner."
Ing. Ruth Lochmann
Technical project management Bikesharing Meran

Simple and fast setup

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