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The control center for providers

Provider Portal

Car, bike, scooter sharing or even mixed mobility: With individual vehicles or a large fleet, you can become a shared mobility provider on the MOQO platform in just a few weeks. 

design individually
manage effectively
scale smoothly

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How to set up a sharing offer?

Experience portal and platform live

Product demo dates

Multi-use case system

Provide Vehicles

With a new provision, you connect users,
vehicles, and tariffs. Additional features help
customize provisions to your target group.

Tariffs and subscription groups

With the tariff editor you can drafts of all common conditions. In order to serve frequent drivers, it is also possible to set up subscriptions.

Station based or free floating

Design stations where vehicles are picked up and returned or define an area within which vehicles may be parked.

Map view or dashboard

You choose the interface and the overview. The map view is suitable for larger fleets and spontaneous bookings, for example.

Add other vehicle types

Combine car sharing with bike or scooter sharing to expand the use cases for your users.

Multiple use of a fleet

Offer appealing access for different user groups. For example, you could add offers for companies in the area.

Deposit vehicles and their equipment

In addition to general information such as fuel type or range, numerous informations about the equipment can be stored. This allows you to inform and convince users.


Operate sharing offers

Organize all Tasks Easily

Extensive or manageable fleet? Large or small
team to support? You won't miss a single task
on the Provider Task Board.

Manage drivers and support

Feedback from your drivers automatically lands on your board as a new task. This way, your team can react to it immediately.

Vehicle tasks and maintenance

Vehicle states become tasks and can be processed by your maintenance team. If required, you set vehicles directly into maintenance mode.

Fees and rules

Rules strengthen user satisfaction. Your fee catalog supports compliance with them. Additional expenses due to violations can also be compensated for in this way.

Mastering tasks with your team

Don't forget a task and work in a coordinated team? Here you can assign your agents, set deadlines and document progress.

Interfaces for further processing

Use the export function for your EDP. The data are compatible with common programs and contain all common details.

Work even on the road

The interface is optimized for mobile devices, so you can complete all tasks on the go.


For all types of providers 

Start from Scratch and Scale to an Enterprise

The structural design of the MOQO platform enables infinite scaling of the number of vehicles, offers and employees - and the mapping of complex structures.

Key Features

Helpful Elements for Effective Operation


Start small or migrate directly

Targeting your user group in the right way is crucial. With discount codes and the Friends referral process, you add value to your campaigns.

Define parking spaces and stations

A parking space, a parking area, a street, a neighborhood or an entire city. You determine where the vehicles can be picked up and parked.

Customer Success Team

As a provider, you can easily complete common tasks in the portal. The Customer Success Team supports you in getting started and with tricky challenges.

API access

Network MOQO with other services or embed the platform in your app. You can find out how and when this works on request.

MOQO Academy

Learn how to use the features of the portal and platform with step-by-step instructions.

Vehicle connection with the platform

With the telematics unit, which connects the physical vehicle with the platform and users, your sharing offer comes to life.

Simple and fast setup

Start from 5 Vehicles

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