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Attract multiple target groups to enlarge your utilization

Feature: Subscriptions Groups 

An offer created by you as a sharing provider will earn different reactions from different target groups. A typical behavior then is to design an offer as a compromise between the most attractive target groups. But that way none of them will be really attracted by the offer.

The solution for this situation is pretty easy: Sharing providers need to create different offers, each tailored to one of the main target groups. With the Subscription Groups feature, you can easily present those offers to your audience and let them decide for the one that fits best to their situation.

Attract multiple user types with Subscription Groups

  1. Identify the main target groups that will use your vehicles

  2. Create a team with tariff settings for each of them

  3. Collect those teams in a subscription group

  4. Promote this new multi tariffs structure to onboard more users

A Feature to Map your tariffs structure

With the Subscription Groups Feature you give an overview of a set of offers to your drivers. They can then easily decide on an offer that fits their use case best. You can easily add and delete offers from this set.

Drivers can go back to this overview any time and switch between your offers as your conditions allow.You will set up the details for each offer - on the MOQO platform called “team” - in the team-editor. There you can easily combine access criteria with tariffs and vehicle groups.

Web view showing a subscription group to your users

Overview of the elements

App Journey view of all tariffs

Basic Functions

  • Create Subscription Groups

  • Add/remove Teams

  • List Benefits / show description of your Subscription Group

  • URL to link from your website

  • Change order of subscriptions (team settings)

Subscription Group Editor

Designing attractive offers and Subscription Groups

The combination of Subscription Groups, teams, tariffs and other items on the MOQO platform give you maximum freedom in designing your own tailored business model.

To not lose overview here, we show you what’s important to check on when designing your shared mobility service.  

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