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Working at MOQO

Shape the Mobility of the Future With Us

Employees in disciplines such as development, customer success management, strategy and design work together in flat hierarchies to implement and develop the Shared Mobility Platform. 

For the expansion and optimization, we are looking for a wide variety of team players who want to contribute their skills and grow personally. 

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Values and dynamics

Employees need to express themselves freely. Only then can they use their full potential. For this to succeed, values, meetings and processes provide the framework in which we work together.

Customer Centricity

At its core, it's about creating a maximally convenient experience for customers and partners.


Transparency creates trust and generates symbiosis and empathy - with colleagues and external partners.


Unique and transparent assignments of responsibility are the cornerstone for effective collaboration.


Mutual trust and appreciation: The competencies of others are always respected.

Continuous Improvement

Agile and open-minded, self-critical and forward-looking, we are constantly working to improve our product.


The team works hard to achieve its goals. At the same time, it should never be forgotten: We love what we do.


Further educations and initiative

Maintaining the balance between progress and stability. This applies both to the product and to the employees themselves. That's why we ensure a working atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable, can work as productively as possible and is allowed to take the initiative. In addition, budgets are available for professional and personal development.


Home office and remote working

MOQO enables open and flexible work structures in an era that demands adaptability. 

Employees from all over the world contribute to the implementation of shared mobility. In the same way, the office in Aachen offers a place for constructive exchange and get-togethers in individual teams.