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Execute Operational Processes Quickly and Clearly
Feature | Provider Task Board
24 November, 2020 by

User feedback, claims and customer service calls are essential to your success as a sharing provider and require appropriate attention. With the innovative Provider Task Board, you have a central tool for the operational processes in your sharing offerings. This feature was developed after a detailed analysis of tasks and incidents in close cooperation with providers and with an intensive testing period.

What is the Provider Task Board?

Anyone who runs a sharing service knows how important a clear and fast processing of incidents is in day-to-day business. Processing takes time, especially if processes do not mesh cleanly and smoothly. The Provider Task Board provides the interface for transparent and effective controlling, even in larger teams.

The Provider Task Board results from intensive analysis of user requests, support processes and in close cooperation with sharing providers. A comprehensive and clear controlling tool for all common sharing offers.

Tasks are automatically stored here directly when an incident occurs, recorded by customer support or manually added by the sharing provider. The assignment of the agent is explicit. Duplicate processing no longer occurs, and arrangements within the team lead to rapid implementation.

How Does the Processing Work?

The Provider Task Board offers a clear interface for handling all kinds of incidents and works according to the principle of a classic Kanban Board. Common incidents are automatically entered as tasks on the board, individual additional tasks can be added by the respective sharing provider. Processors from your team can assign, forward, discuss and schedule such tasks. Successfully completed tasks are marked accordingly and finally archived.

Designed as a self-service management tool, most tasks can easily be processed independently. In particularly tricky cases, you as a sharing provider will be supported directly by your personal Customer Success Manager, according to your chosen partner plan.

Advantages of Self-Service Management?

This new controlling tool allows you to use your resources effectively and to distribute tasks clearly and in a structured manner within your team. Take your first steps and gradually get to know the full scope of the Provider Task Board.

  • Direct access of customer service call logs

  • Full transparency and overview of user feedback (in-app)

  • Direct reporting of vehicle damage

  • Direct notification of ratings (in-app)

  • Overview of cleaning states

  • Battery level message

  • Message about forced return by user

  • Work effectively through Self Service Management

  • Clear assignment of tasks

  • Powerful even for large teams

How Can Sharing Providers Use the Provider Task Board?

As a central component of innovative controlling, the Provider Task Board is now available to all sharing providers. Its use is generally intuitive and self-explanatory. As a provider you find detailed supportive instructions in the MOQO Academy.

                  Provider Task Board at a Glance

                  The Provider Task Board as a unique form of controlling provides the basis for efficient operational processes. You always have an overview of all open and running tasks in your sharing offers. Just get started and discover the possibilities for individualization according to your work structure step by step.

                                                        MOQO 24 November, 2020
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