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Optimize Capacity Utilization with the help of Vehicle Classes
Feature | Class Booking
3 December, 2020 by

The feature Class Booking enables sharing providers to group their vehicles into vehicle classes. By doing so vehicle utilization is optimized.

What is Class Booking?

After activating the new Class Booking feature, sharing providers can group their vehicles into vehicle classes. In general, vehicle classes are a group of vehicles that are similar in shape, size or price. For example, supermini, sports or off-road vehicles are vehicle classes.

Previously, vehicles in sharing offers were stored individually and handled separately. By creating vehicle classes, sharing providers can provide additional support to their users by grouping the individual vehicles according to relevant criteria. The user is then only shown the appropriate vehicle group.

How does Class Booking work?

If the user wants to use a car, he can access the input mask via the detailed search. There he enters the desired period of use, the location of the vehicle, the planned route length and the type (private or business trip). The vehicles are listed according to the criteria of range, availability or distance to the location. The vehicle selected by him then represents a vehicle class. 30 minutes before the start of the journey, the driver is finally assigned a vehicle from this class.

Example: User A now wants to drive from Aachen to Cologne. He selects the location, chooses a vehicle group and states that he now wants to drive 60 km. User A therefore needs a car that is available before the start of the journey and has enough fuel or battery charge to cover the desired kilometers. The algorithm then assigns user A exactly the vehicle that fits these criteria.

What are the advantages for sharing providers and end customers?

The Class Booking feature allows fleets to be optimized and the utilization of the individual vehicles to be better distributed. It prevents vehicles that are listed further down the list from being booked less frequently. With Class Booking, sharing providers offer vehicles in groups, within which an algorithm ensures an even utilization of the individual vehicles. 

Sharing providers are free to organize the vehicle groups and can group them according to their own criteria. Nevertheless, groups should be composed of vehicles that are as homogeneous as possible, such as small cars that are located at the same site.

                  How can sharing providers use the Class Booking feature?

                  Class Booking can be easily activated in the MOQO portal. New vehicle classes, in which you structure your vehicle fleet, can be created in a few steps. A newly created group needs a name, a graphic and a description text. Then you select the vehicles that should belong to the group. Via the group, vehicles can now be assigned to your individual sharing offers.  A manual with further information can be found in the MOQO Academy.

                  Class Booking at a Glance

                  Class Booking offers sharing providers the opportunity to group individual vehicles into vehicle classes. If a driver uses sharing offers with class booking feature, an algorithm assigns the suitable vehicle to the booking shortly before the start of the journey. Sharing providers can use the feature to optimize the utilization of their vehicle fleets.

                                                        MOQO 3 December, 2020
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