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9:00-13:30 h

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Mc Kinsey
Map Intelligence Agency

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Up to 150 Partners from 15 Countries

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Operational Excellence

This Year’s Topic

Moving Towards Operational Excellence

The efficiency of processes has a major impact on customer satisfaction and the success of your business. At MOQO, we dedicate ourselves to operational excellence. We focus on the development and support of your sharing operations.

Visit the MOQO Summit 2021 to gather with the community of MOQO Partners striving to achieve the maximum customer satisfaction. Learn from Sharing Experts how to build communities, market effectively and leverage the strength of the MOQO Service.

Operational Excellence Process
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Panel Discussions

Panel Discussions

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MOQO Summit 2021 Networking


Program and Speakers


Spin Logo

SPIN (Ford Mobility)

Hendrik Buechner, Lukas Luetke

Spin is an independent subsidiary of Ford Motor Company and develops smooth mobility concepts.

McKinsey&Company Logo

McKinsey & Company


As a leading trendsetter and trend scout in the field of Future of Mobility, the strategy consultancy McKinsey & Company provides insight into their view of shared mobility.

Augustin Friedel

Augustin Friedel


Mobility blogger and influencer Augustin Friedel's analysis and views are compelling.



Morten Munch-Olsen, CEO

How to generate strong growth in a highly competitive market while achieving profitability?

Michael Minis MOQO


Michael Minis, CEO

Why do we believe that operational excellence is key?


Map Intelligence Agency

Map Intelligence Agency (de)

Felix Wehnert, Gero Gerke, Maximilian Hippler

The MIA Mobility Engine helps cities and businesses make data-driven decisions about mobility infrastructure and offerings. Topic: How can data-driven decisions be made?

Cartec Logo

Cartec (de)

Andreas Piegsa

Cartec specializes in equipping vehicle fleets with telematics systems throughout Europe. Topic: How can the selection and installation of telematics determine the quality of service?

Zoba Logo


Felix Jonathan Jakobsen, Business Development Director

Zoba increases the profitability of mobility operators through decision automation. Topic: How can software support fleet management processes?

Bilkollektivet Logo


Haakon Hals, Marketing Manager

What are best practices in marketing and community growth for a vivid shared mobility offer? Topic: How can effective marketing support community building and growth?

MOQO Summit 2021

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