Control sharing via the MOQO Portal


From beginners to professionals with custom requirements - the MOQO Portal enables you to manage your sharing offers to the highest degree. Schedule a demo to experience the platform live.

Live view

Real-time Overview and Statistics

All operations are clearly presented, giving you confidence to react quickly to trends.


Working in a Team

Designate levels of access to your employees and manage your sharing offers in a coordinated way.

Responsive Workspace

Get Work Done on the Go

The portal is optimized for mobile devices, so that you can perform any and all tasks in a relaxed manner.

MOQO Academy

Easy-to-learn Application

The MOQO Academy offers you clear walkthroughs of the essential functions and settings.

Demo and webinars

Demos and Trainings

Designate levels of access to your employees and manage your sharing offers in a coordinated way.

Experience the Platform in Real Time


Endless Possibilities

Interfaces Summary
Finetune services

Create Sharing Offers

Your sharing offer consists of different components, users, vehicles, tariffs and usage details. The MOQO Portal enables you to connect these in a clear, versatile and targeted way.

Kanvas Board Workspace

Manage Tasks in a Team

Utilize the MOQO Task Board to ensure no task slips through the cracks. A task’s status can be viewed at any time and can be assigned to multiple individuals, which enables a team to manage tasks in parallel. This way, you eliminate duplications and save time.

Controlling Tools


Plan, manage and control your sharing offers. All tools for operative work are field-tested and clearly structured.

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Setup and Manage Vehicles and Tariffs

Vehicle Overview
Manage vehicles

Managing and Maintaining Vehicles

What's the condition? Does it need to be cleaned or is there damage? Who may use the vehicles and under what criteria? In the MOQO Portal you have an overview of all your vehicles on your screen.

Team membership of the vehicles

Multiple Provisionings

One vehicle can serve many different use cases. By defining the rental tariffs, usage times, insurance and much more, you’ll offer customized tariff packages, thus expanding the range of use of your vehicles. Customers with subscriptions or employees can access the vehicles at a reduced rate.

Create parking spaces

Define Parking Spaces

Whether vehicle parking is defined with a single space, a parking lot, a street, a neighborhood or a city, you decide where the vehicles can be picked up and parked.

Exchange Formats Export

Invoices and Financially Compliant Exports

The statements for short and long-term rentals are prepared in accordance with the regulations of the tax authorities. Export the invoices so you can utilize them in any way necessary to you. The data is compatible with all common programs.

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Users and Marketing

User details and overview
User index card Details

With MOQO you can manage your users

Easily and efficiently: communicate current information directly in the app, validate driving licenses on site, take care of outstanding payments, invite users by email, create bookings on request and determine the level of access a user group has to your vehicles.

increase usage

Encourage Entry, Increase Range

MOQO Marketing Tools help attract new users to your sharing offer, while decreasing any hesitation to entry Start campaigns, such as Friend Referrals, or simplify the entry with QR Codes for direct booking. You can evaluate the success of your campaigns in real time.

Security Tools

Security and Education

Are there drivers late with bills? Any problems due to late vehicle returns? With the Penalty Fee Catalogue, you pass on these costs directly to your drivers. Preventative measures are also available for you to safeguard against potential risks.

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