Suitable plans for your project scope

MOQO Partner Plans

Finding the right tariff for every project scope and achieving an ideal price-performance ratio. Sharing providers usually start small (from 5 vehicles) to test usage and capacity and then expand their sharing offer.

By Comparison

Find the right partner model for your project and offer the mobility of tomorrow today to your users.

Partner Plans

In Detail

You know your requirements? Here you will find the basic services clearly listed. Feel free to contact us for advice or detailed questions.

Partner Plan Details

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What does it mean?

A short explanation of the individual features can be found here.

Self service platform

MOQO offers a platform consisting of end customer (driver) apps, an end customer web portal and an administration portal. 
Including 24/7 customer service for end customers. Incl. software support and updates.

Fee catalogue

Standard: Fee for failed payments is automatically applied. 
Extended: Free setting of fees that are automatically imposed.

Exclusive Sharing Website

Basic: Standard layout, texts and images. 
Customizable: Texts, colours and images can be individualised according to the style guide.

Customer service for providers


Support service, measured in hours, to which the partner is entitled in the respective package.

Automated invoicing

Basic: Not included. 
Pro/PLUS/PREMIUM PLUS: Invoice valid for VAT purposes can be generated and sent automatically by the platform.

Automated address and credit assessment

Basic: Not included. 
Pro/PLUS/PREMIUM PLUS: Address and creditworthiness checks in real time by Arvato Infoscore can be activated per team. Billing is per transaction.

Interface to further services (API)

Basic: Not included. 
Pro/PLUS/PREMIUM PLUS: Interfaces to Single Sign-On, accounting and other services.

Enhanced tariff elements

Basic: Daily, hourly and weekend rates. 
Pro/PLUS/PREMIUM PLUS: Free tariff configuration possible.

Ridesharing feature

Basic: Not included. 
Pro/PLUS/PREMIUM PLUS: Carpooling function can be activated for teams.

White label apps

(iOS and Android)

Basic: Not included. 
PLUS/PREMIUM PLUS: App individualized according to the style guide, developed natively, provided in your app store account.

Administration of further provider accounts

Basic: Not included. 
PREMIUM PLUS: Administration of further provider accounts.


* You are already a Basic Partner and want to upgrade your partnership? Simply contact your personal Customer Success Manager.