Kick Scooter sharing - More than a Trend

Kick Scooters are practical and fun. It’s no wonder these agile electric scooters are conquering urban life. In 2019, Kick Scooters were officially registered in Germany and since have become a prominent part of the cityscape in many large cities. In your own region, you can jump start the Mobility Turnaround with this sustainable means of transportation. For many, renting a kick scooter is the first contact with shared mobility. By partnering with MOQO, you’ll start your own shared mobility offer quickly and easily.

What is your Motivation?

Do you want to develop kick scooter sharing as a new business model or do you want to enhance your existing sharing service by adding kick scooters? Together, we will analyse your individual use case and tailor our MOQO Shared Mobility Service exactly to your needs.


Use sharing as a new business

Select a location, identify your user group and speak to them. We will help with the data collection and it’s evaluation - our experience and expertise is always at your side. Together, we will be sure the conditions of your sharing offer appeals to your target group.

Making the location more attractive with own sharing

Make your business location more attractive

By enhancing your existing shared mobility service with popular kick scooters, you’ll promote your company’s image as sustainable and future-oriented. Kick Scooters add maximum mobility and a fun factor to your primary offer.

mobilize residents

Mobilize residents

Whether in the city or in the countryside, kick scooter sharing offers inhabitants of your region more flexibility in everyday life. Kick scooters keep on driving even if vehicle traffic stops. The mobility offer is also ideal for the "last mile", where a user would need to cover the last few kilometres from a station to a final destination.

Benefits at a Glance

sharing vehicles

Enhancement to existing shared vehicles

image growth

Improves image

improve image

Innovative step into the future

Short trips

Increases mobility for that "Last Mile"

direct booking

QR Code for direct booking


MOQO Marketing Tools


Level 1 and level 2 support

website templates

Incorporate your own landing page

Verschiedene Kickscooter Modelle

You can choose any kick scooter models that are approved for the roads to be integrated with MOQO via a telematic system. We would be happy to send you an overview of suitable models and support you in your decision. After you’ve made your decision, we’ll take over the implementation required to get them connected with the MOQO Sharing System.

app and driver journey

The app from the customer's point of view

The app from the customer's point of view Using the Sharing App is just as easy and intuitive as online shopping. All your customers need to do is download the app, register and secure a means of payment. Kick Scooters can then be booked directly - and even with a QR code. After a successful booking request, the selected kick scooter is unlocked and your customer can start driving. The return is done by simple swipe of a slider control in the app.

User management + marketing tools

Multiple marketing opportunities

With MOQO Sharing, your brand is strengthened for the long term. This begins with comprehensive branding of your sharing service. Place your logo on kick scooters, helmets, stations and in the app. Conduct social media campaigns and advertise in print and online ads. You can also get the regional media outlets involved. Additionally, offer attractive incentives to encourage users to get started, such as QR codes, a starter discount, and/or a friends referral promotion.

Become a sharing provider in just 4 steps

  1. Analysis: Together, we test real user groups and determine your needs.
  2. Demo: You get to know the MOQO platform and get a feeling for how you’ll run your business.
  3. Setup: Sign up with MOQO and the setup is taken care of within a few weeks. The integration of your vehicles and the setup of your offers takes just about an hour.
  4. Start: Let your community know your sharing service is live! 

4 Steps Plan

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