(m/f/d) freelancer

Translator Ger - Eng

As Translator at MOQO

you are in charge of translating our texts into english. You will be responsible for getting our messages to the point and making them understandable for all customer groups. You manage to trigger emotions and satisfaction in our customers.

Your Benefits

  • A motivated team that rocks the world and you can be part of it
  • Fully flexible work environment (hours, home office, etc.)
  • Access to the MOQO Sharing vehicles

Your Responsibilities

  • Translating our german content into english
  • Check the current wording
  • Tracking of success by means of KPIs
  • Make sure that our texts convince English Natives and other English speakers

Your Profile

  • Enthusiasm for Shared Mobility 
  • Structured and reflected work approach
  • Analytical lateral thinker with strong quantitative capabilities
  • Strong communication skills and highly motivated to work with an agile team
  • You are a Native Speaker and have first experiences in translating

Michael Minis


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