Size Creates Complexity. MOQO offers simple solutions.

Scale your sharing service seamlessly, manage a large number of vehicles and users and offer a wide range of services. Work with well structured teams and inspire your drivers with a first-class user experience.

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Comprehensive scalable solutions

Manage Large Vehicle Fleets

manage fleetpool

Fleet management

At the heart of your business is your fleet. It’s challenging to provide vehicles based on demand while administering them in a way that conserves resources. MOQO enables fleet managers to have large vehicle fleets, while providing them full control through processes that are completely digital.

complex sharing systems

Extensive mapping structure

On the MOQO platform, your local sharing offers become a comprehensive mobility network. Drivers can find public sharing offers directly on location and at the same time access exclusive, private offers. Use the sublicense model to connect additional sharing providers within your structure.

Migrate Existing System

Behind the scenes migration during live operations

To migrate your existing system, trust a hands-on team with expertise in project management, IT security and maximising up-time on numerous projects.

migrate vehicle lists

Import Vehicles

Categorized and with all current attributes - in just a few steps


Onboard Users

Invite users through preconfigured processes or import directly in groups

smooth transition

Continuous Operation

Drivers operate relaxed and smoothly through the transition to MOQO

delta analysis

Align Systems

Add other parameters after consultation


Matching Requirements

Successful migrations of larger systems usually begins with an analysis of your requirements and the MOQO platform. Use the contact form to get in touch and receive a customized demo of the platform or get your RFI form matched.

In the team and on the road

Your Fleet Always In View

Provider Task Board

Manage your fleet, keep an overview of your stations and know the availability and status of your vehicles. The Provider Task Board enables your employees to work on tasks without overlapping and within the scope of their assigned permissions.

Your users’ satisfaction

Intuitive Booking Process

Booking process

Customer-centric user interfaces and workflows ensure a successful user experience on the app, web, and directly with the vehicle. Even the first trip of inexperienced users is a breeze due to the instructions and support. If unexpected incidents and problems occur due to external circumstances, they are addressed through streamlined communication channels with a professional support team.

Up to the white label

Build Brand Identity

sharing service branding

Your customers know you and value your services. With a strong brand identity, you strengthen your customer relationships and associate positive experiences to the face of your product. MOQO Services are designed to easily integrate your branding elements. MOQO fades into the background, providing a complete white label.

Options and benefits

Complete Solutions


Fast pilot projects

Magnifying glass

Transparent analysis


Scalable sharing structure

White Label

White label option

optimize processes

Resource-saving processes


Definable operation access

Mobile working

Mobile controlling

MOQO Academy

Employee training


Maintain internal structures

IT Security

Proven IT security

get together

High system compatibility

Setup process

Easy integration

GP Joule
Fleet Spot

Explore MOQO as a system solution