Carpooling for commuters

With MOQO simply and efficiently. Reduce the need for parking space, commuter traffic on site and promote exchange among employees.

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Relax parking pressure

Relax traffic and parking situation

Connect employees and promote community travel to the workplace. In this way you reduce the number of vehicles and relax the parking situation on site. Traffic at rush hours and bottlenecks at traffic junctions also decrease.

ridesharing benefits

Benefiting from community

By carpooling you strengthen the cooperation and help employees to save costs. The sustainable and environmentally conscious service makes you an innovative employer and helps you to gain employee loyalty.


Many opportunities, little effort


Reduce commuter traffic


Connecting employees

cut costs

Cut costs


Sustainable travel to work

outsource work

Automated processing

integrate pool vehicles

Integrate pool vehicles

Sharing App

Simple operation via app

stick one's thumbs out

Optimized carpooling

How it works

ridesharing app

Employees become carpoolers

Employees can easily enter their trip offers via the MOQO app. Based on the information provided by other passengers, they then find suitable suggestions for joint trips and choose their favorite.


Find optimal carpoolings

The carpools include part-time work as well as holidays, illness and weekly rhythms. Spontaneous changes are recorded immediately and communicated to the carpoolers. If you integrate company vehicles, you can increase flexibility even more.

ridesharing process

Ensure smooth journeys

In combination with route guidance, shared locations and third-party chat modules, employees can additionally coordinate their journey. The app supports here with real-time updates in the ride settings.

Advanced options

Booking Ticket

Integrate carsharing

Participants can also access MOQO Carsharings via the app and use these cars for carpooling.

Use fleet

Use pool vehicles

Employers can provide company vehicles as insurance in case a return trip is cancelled - if desired, they can be booked directly via the app.

Carpooling for your company

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