E-Scooter Sharing - The Future is Today

Electric scooter and vehicle sharing are two sustainable trends which are becoming increasingly popular and coexist harmoniously. With MOQO, implementing a smart sharing model is quick and easy. Our innovative system is flexible and adapts to a wide range of business models. With just a few scooters, you can start sharing and help to reduce the pressure on parking availability.

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Strengthen your brand

Your brand gains massive visibility - first, through advertisement in the MOQO Sharing App and on your web portal. And second, through your branded e-scooters on the road. The white label version of the app allows you to implement your own corporate design. Your logo appears everywhere - from the App to the e-scooter; from your helmets to charging stations.

You have total control

  • Pricing: Set pricing levels for time-based or route-based billing.
  • User group: Determine whether all users of the app may use your ‘open’ offer or restrict use to those who meet specific criteria. Alternatively, a closed sharing group with a set of users defined by you is also possible.  
  • Free-floating or station-based: Decide whether your vehicles be dropped off and picked up within a station-independent defined area, or at preferred fixed stations.
Design Tarifs
Easy Processes

Minimal administrative effort

With MOQO, you’ll profit from fully automated processes. Invoice management and user administration are easily done via the Sharing Portal. A clearly structured list of fees enables you to impose penalties on users in case of misconduct. This in turn, influences positive user behavior.

Collaborative Partners and Models

MOQO helps you choose a suitable electric scooter model and takes over the technical implementation. Choose from the following acclaimed models:


The Nova R 3000, a lively retro scooter from emco, combines timeless style and modern technology.


The N1S from NIU impresses with its lightweight lithium-ion batteries, which have a particularly long range.


The Movi City model from Torrot is minimalist and is very comfortable to drive.


The 1954 RI model from Kumpan offers long range, fast speeds and first class safety features.

Your sit scooter Sharing App

Getting started

To get started using the sharing service, your customers just need to download the app and follow intuitive user instructions to register. After registration, the driving license needs to be validated and then your user can book his or her first electric scooter. The search for shared vehicles in the area is done quickly.


API connection

Through an API interface, your sharing offer can be quickly and easily integrated into your own app. This enables you to offer mobility sharing as an additional feature to your existing service.

onboarding registration

Build awareness

There are many different possibilities to how potential customers become aware of your sharing service - for example, through your branded electric scooters on the street, your own advertising, press coverage and customer referrals.

Benefits at a Glance

Parking sidewalk electric scooter

No parking hassles

smartphone holder

Additional equipment included, such as a smart phone mount

know how

Use MOQO as an expert

sustainable green

Attractive and sustainable

Billing data

Automated billing


Marketing tools, such as the friend referral feature


Controlling and overviews in the Sharing Portal

get going

Enhance image and branding through future-oriented mobility sharing

booking process

Intuitive utilization

Users of the sharing app can either immediately book an electric scooter or reserve a scooter for a future time. With the help of the app's navigation function, your user can easily find the booked vehicle via GPS. The app provides model-specific instructions to help operate the electric scooter. A driver can lock his scooter at any time during the rental period and take a break. The booking can be ended in the app when the scooter is returned to a station or is parked within the free-floating area. An invoice is generated automatically.

electro charging station

Convenient charging

If your e-scooters are offered in the free-floating mode, you are responsible for replacing the batteries. If they’re accessed at fixed stations, your users connect the scooters to the charging station when the minimum charge level is indicated. The Sharing App supports your users with simple step-by-step instructions for charging the different models. This lowers initial hesitance from a user to give electric vehicles a try. Charging station integration is also possible with the MOQO app. If this is something you’re interested in, we’d be happy to discuss this option.

Scooter Security

Maximum security

MOQO does everything possible to give you strong support and ensure the safety of your e-scooters. The automatic user verification at registration ensures that only people with a valid driving licence are granted access to your vehicles. If a vehicle is returned late, additional charges will apply. You also have the option to block users. A user can report vehicle damage directly in the app which automatically creates follow-up orders that are distributed, keeping you informed immediately. You can have the damage repaired with MOQO's support.

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