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Start your own sharing offer to give more people access to your electric cars. Anyone has the opportunity to become a sharing provider - and with vehicles of his or her own design. With MOQO, it’s quick and easy to get started.

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Locational advantage

Open up new locations

Geographical expansion can be very costly. With car sharing, you can open up new locations without having to open a branch. You are on site faster and can explore new opportunities with minimal effort. This saves costs and resources, giving you more flexibility and a distinct advantage over your competitors.

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Your brand as a trailblazer of the Mobility Turnaround

Your brand can set an example and offer demand-oriented e-mobility where it is currently needed. With an intuitive app, your own website and vehicle branding, you become prevalent in the real world and in the mobile, virtual world. You’ll increase your reach by bringing your brand to neighbourhoods, companies and to other cooperation partners.

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One step ahead of the competition

Though classic car rental is popular today, the trend towards mobility sharing has flourished since entering the industry. Competitors have recognized the advantages of the efficient and low-cost rental process with this sharing model. You can get ahead by expanding and securing your market position with these innovative business models.

Benefits at a Glance

full-time utilization

24/7 rental and return

future of business

Test new business models

efficiency-based processes

Automation and digitization

location electro sharing

Open up new locations

marketing tools

Use marketingtools

carsharing app

Intuitive, usable app

increase revenue

Continuously expand your reach

find charging station

User guidance and Charging Station Locator

Simulate test drives

Making e-mobility a tangible experience

There is a lively discussion in society about the usability of electric cars in everyday life. By offering potential customers the opportunity to get to test electric cars in day-to-day situations, you’ll prove the value of e-mobility. This opens the door to business opportunities of long term rental or even car sales. With MOQO Shared Mobility, your vehicles are offered to your users exactly where they’re needed.

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The App from the Customer’s Perspective

With the MOQO App, renting your car is as easy as streaming movies or music. All the customer needs to do is download the MOQO App and register for your sharing offer. After his or her driving license is validated, all vehicles are made available to be rented. Booking, keyless entry and a proper rental return are done conveniently through the app.

Become a car sharing provider in just 4 steps

  1. Analysis: We’ll determine your business demands together.
  2. Demo: You’ll gain knowledge of how a sharing offer is set up, the user processes and the specification and control options.
  3. Setup: Once you choose MOQO, we’ll take care of the rest. In less than 4 weeks, your first sharing offer will launch on the mobility market.
  4. Launch: Target marketing combined with your look and feel gets potential drivers excited about your service. With MOQO marketing tools, you can smooth out any of the entry hurdles.
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