Carsharing: The Smart Way to Rent a Car

The classic sharing model is already part of everyday life for many drivers. Find the right business model to achieve your goals with carsharing.

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24/7 Rental - without manpower

Access In Just A Swipe

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To become a sharing provider, you don’t have to begin as a professional. With minimal effort, you create maximum user comfort and scale your business smoothly. Everything starts with a small swipe on your driver’s smartphone.

Carsharing Registration

Sign up in 5 minutes

Your customer creates a single sign-on in just a few clicks, giving him access to all the approved offers. Security comes first and foremost and is provided through many measures, including manual or digital driver’s license validation.

Carsharing Process

Convenient booking

Approved customers receive keyless and contactless access to the car. The app intuitively guides them through creating and executing bookings. In the case of unexpected events, the 24/7 support team assists the driver.

Use all vehicle types

Vehicles for every need

Offer an entire range of vehicles - from smart city speedsters to sustainable electric cars and spacious vans. You can use your existing fleet or simply digitize your vehicle pool.


Connect and go

Newer cars are often equipped with sharing modules and for all other vehicles, external telematics systems can be used to connect with your sharing service.

About connectivity


Numerous Benefits

all vehicle types

All car models usable

Compatible with your system

Compatible with your system

use full service partner

Full-service partner available

24/7 customer service

24/7 customer service

Use your existing vehicles

Use existing vehicles

Low start-up costs

Low startup costs

use Provider Task Board

Manage operational processes efficiently

Tax office compliant logbook

Exportable tax compliant logbook

Options and Settings

Tailor-made Setup

Brand mark

Target your branding

Use your image, regardless if it’s your own brand, a company, a municipality, for tourism or for last-mile mobility. Your brand is always in the spotlight - across all media. Discover your added value through carsharing.

setup tarif

Professional business models

MOQO enables you to map out all standard industry tariff structures. With integrated marketing tools and discount systems, you can acquire new customers. You can analyse performance through data evaluation and can therefore optimize your service.

lots of details

Fine-tune your sharing offers

In the MOQO Portal you have the opportunity to customize your sharing offers. Offer your vehicles at stations or use the free-floating model. You can grant exclusive access, connect stations or even become a reseller.

What our partners say

In Good Company


“Sharing is the new owning! With our mobility offer combined with MOQO's intuitive app, we can offer customers a flexible and easy-to-use car sharing system.”

Anton Poettinger, Energie Südbayern / Ammer Loisach Energie

“As a regional energy supplier, it is important to us to offer sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility in rural areas that can be used by all social groups. For this purpose we have been able to win two strong partners in MOQO and the Ammergauer Alpen Nature Park.”

Anton Poettinger, Energie Südbayern / Ammer Loisach Energie
Maren Scheck, Stadtwerke Radolfzell

“With our e-car sharing offer, we are expanding our range of mobility options, and we are also enabling our customers to allay any concerns they may have about electromobility".

Maren Scheck, Stadtwerke Radolfzell
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