You Have the Idea, MOQO Has the Right Solution

Do you want to boost your business idea, which in turn makes our cities more livable, offers real alternatives to the individually-owned car, and advances the Mobility Turnaround? Are you looking for flexibility and ease in how your shared mobility vehicles, whether they be cars, bikes, scooters, kick scooters or a combination of vehicles, are offered to the public? With MOQO, you can bring your idea to market in less than 4 weeks.

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Become a mobility trailblazer in your region

Start your shared mobility business and secure your position in a sustainable market segment. By partnering with MOQO, you’ll become a mobility trailblazer in less than 4 weeks. We’ll give you all the right tools to gather knowledge and experience today and then test and optimize your business model to be one step ahead for tomorrow.

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Offering alternatives and filling mobility gaps

Your sharing service offers a supplement to public transportation and at the same time, offers connectivity with it. This creates reachable alternatives to the self-owned car. You can serve hotels, quarters or companies with your solution - an exclusive or internal sharing offer especially makes sense here. By collaborating and serving communities and other organizations, you’ll use the public interest to develop an untapped e-mobility market. You can expand your car sharing service with attractive e-kick scooters, electric scooters or e-bikes.

Measures for success

Sustainability build and scale business models

Start with a few vehicles. Test attractive locations to offer your vehicles and analyze the results. You can grow your fleet at successful locations and then expand your areas of operation. To generate more attention while minimizing registration hurdles for your users, use MOQO's tried-and-true marketing tools. The multi-vehicle MOQO platform can work for any possible business model.


Work with your brand

Your brand is your capital. It generates sympathy among drivers and creates reference points. That's why MOQO takes a back seat as a brand - for Plus Partners up to the white label brand. Brand your vehicles and locations. Use the MOQO marketing tools such as Refer-A-Friend, QR-Code direct entry and starter and special offer discounts. Use them on your marketing channels to reach as many drivers as possible. Add your own website where drivers can directly enter the service. Get your own White Label App as a Plus Partner.

Benefits at a Glance

Launch costs

Low start-up costs

Balance sheet

Infinite expansion


Analysis and controlling


Intuitive, user-friendly apps


Marketing tools for web and campaigns

types of vehicles

All vehicle types can be integrated

automated operations

Maximum automated processes

business models

Different business models can be combined

Become a sharing provider in just 4 steps

  1. Analysis: Together, we’ll determine your business demands.
  2. Demo: You’ll gain insight into user processes, how a sharing offer is set up and the specification and control options.
  3. Setup: You decide to partner with MOQO and we do the rest. In less than 4 weeks, your first sharing offer will be on the market.
  4. Launch: With target marketing combined with your look and feel, you'll get potential drivers excited about your service. MOQO marketing tools help smooth out any of the entry hurdles.

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The App from the Driver’s Point of View

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Download App and register for your service

Vehicle search mask

Find, book and pay for vehicles

open via slider inapp

Keyless entry, start driving and valid return

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