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Guide: Building a Sharing Offer

Our guide will help you stay on top of things as you build your sharing offering. Learn what matters and what you should think about.

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Design Sharings

More effect through collaboration

Collaboration: Achieving more together

The key to successful teamwork is collaboration. Work with each other instead of side by side or even against each other - and achieve better and faster results.

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Sharing for Future, FFF bei Carsharing, Bikesharing und co

Sharing for Future: Shared Mobility and Climate Change

To drastically reduce emissions in the transport sector, we need to transform the way we move. How can Shared Mobility help to protect our climate?

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Successful collaborations in shared mobility with MOQO

Examples of powerful partnerships in shared mobility

There are many ways for shared mobility providers to create added value for all participants through strategic cooperations. Don't set any limits to your creativity when it comes to further promoting shared mobility.

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Use fuel cards and charge cards and ensure full cars in vehicle rental

Why fuel cards ensure full vehicles

Fuel cards not only make work easier for providers, but also help to keep vehicles full and thus ready for use.

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All regular questions from drivers in this FAQ

FAQ for Drivers

An overview of the most frequent questions and answers regarding the usage of a sharing offer via the MOQO platform.

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About setting up a shared mobility service

Designing your own sharing offer

Learn which topics you need to consider when creating your own shared mobility offer. Designing your service according to your customer’s needs is the fundament of your success.

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Scale better for more success

Successfully scaling your business

Higher revenue without equally higher costs is every provider's dream. These are the options you have to successfully scale your offering.

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5 tipps for reading about process optimization

Reading and listening tips about OPEX

Operational Excellence is a constant learning process. Be inspired by our further recommendations about the topic.

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Build software yourself or outsource it

Build software yourself or outsource it

A professional sharing offer stands and falls with the right software. You have to make a decision: Do you build it yourself or do you use a standard solution?

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Share. Do not own. - Thumb

Share. Do not own.

People from the much-cited Generation Y place less value on possessions than on experiences.

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5 Steps to OPEX - Thumb

5 steps to start

So that you don't stare at a blank sheet of paper forever, but have a concrete actionable roadmap, here are 5 possible first steps on your OPEX journey.

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About OPEX Operational Excellence - Thumb

About OPEX

Focussing on Operational Excellence helps Sharing Providers to achieve competitive advantages and run a successful sharing business.

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Agile methods for operational excellence - Thumb

OPEX Methods

Get to know some tools and methods to start improving on your workflow and the utilization of your service.

Methods to start
Operational Excellence - Thumb

Operational Excellence

Why sharing providers should focus on their work processes

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Manual on Marketing

Marketing Advances Your Sharing

Become better known, attract new prospects, retain customers, generate more sales

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5 Steps to a Business Model

5 Steps to a Business Model

Become a shared mobility provider: But how? This 5-step plan helps develop the right business model.

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stationbased or free floating

Free Floating or Station-based Sharing?

Find out which booking form best suits your needs.

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Leaseplan Remote Event

Interactive Remote Launch

Launching in the pandemic using the example of LeasePlan

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FAQ On Board Units

FAQ Telematics Units

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about an elementary component of your shared mobility operation can be found here.

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5 Steps Preview

5 reasons on Bike Sharing

Find out why it is worthwhile to raise a bike sharing.

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10 Steps Preview

10 Steps to Become a Bike Sharing Provider

Build your own bike sharing business. Learn what to do in this 10-step plan.

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Case Study EVL Preview

EVL Limburg

See opportunities and use them: EVL in Limburg has recognized the potential and started its own car sharing service.

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Carsharing at Corona Preview

Car sharing in Corona times: It works!

The use of car sharing is possible if the Corona hygiene rules are observed.

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Corona Update Preview

Corona Update

Corona affects the shared mobility sector. What is the situation and what measures can currently be taken?

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FAQ Electro Sharing Preview

FAQ Electric Vehicle Sharing

Here you can get answers: What are the benefits of Mobility Sharing with electric vehicles? What are the advantages and disadvantages? How does MOQO support as a platform?

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Differences Preview

Differences in car sharing software

To operate a car sharing platform, the right software is of course a decisive factor. As a prospective operator of your own car sharing service, you will sooner or later ask yourself the question of which software to use. …

Carsharing Software


Shared Mobility Diamond

Guides and Reports

MOQO offers free of charge guides and reports to help you learn and optimize your skills and services in shared mobility services.

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Product Updates

Contingents as an employee bonus

More possibilities with the contingent feature

The contingency feature gives providers more customization options and an improved liquidity.

About the feature
Use family account in car sharing, bike sharing and scooter sharing

Shared mobility with the entire family

What is already common with Netflix, Spotify, Apple & Co. also works in Shared Mobility: Family Sharing. Members of a family can save on registration and subscription costs, and providers are happy about new and more satisfied customers.

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Damage reporting and management with moqo

Damage Reporting (update)

When working in a vehicle rental business, you quickly learn how important it is to have effective damage management.

About the Feature
Migration process - moving with a service to a new platform

Migration Process

About how a platform change also works smoothly during ongoing operations and how the process has continuously improved over the implementation of several migrations.

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Subscription Group Feature by MOQO

Subscription Groups help to address more users

A single subscription can optimally serve one type of usage, while a subscription group offers attractive access to different usage types at the same time, thus expanding the potential user group.

About the feature
MOQO Light version for fleet control

MOQO Light

An effective tool for fleet management.

About the Feature
Fee catalog feature by MOQO

Fee catalog promotes smooth sharing operation

MOQO Fee Catalog allows sharing providers to shape fees and rules to their liking.

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Rabatcode Manager Preview

Discount Code Manager

With the Discount Code Manager, you can easily create a wide variety of discount codes to cover different use cases.

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Feature Tariffs Preview

Basic- and Pro Tariff

Score with smart tariffs. With the Basic and Pro Tariffs, you can map and independently adjust common and individual rate models.

About the Feature
Class Booking Preview

Class Booking

What the new feature Class Booking contains and why sharing providers should definitely use it.

About the Feature
Provider Task Board Preview

Provider Task Board

Perform operational processes quickly and clearly. The new feature enables even more efficient work and a high level of automation and efficiency.

About the Feature
Payment Engine Preview

Smart Payment System - Extensive Options

MOQO is expanding its payment system with additional online payment services.

About the Feature
International Sharing Preview

International sharing offers

The colourful sharing world consists of many countries, because the topic of shared mobility is developing around the globe into an attractive and profitable business model ...

Product Elements
Van Sharing Preview

Van Sharing

Provide special vehicles for non-routine tasks.

About Van Sharing

Partner Stories

eins energie Sachsen preview

How eins combines internal and external offerings

eins energie in sachsen shows how internal and public sharing offers can be skillfully and professionally combined with MOQO.

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Flinkster Preview

Flinkster trusts in MOQO

Flinkster, the car sharing service of the Deutsche Bahn Group, relies on an intuitive user interface as well as outstanding scalability and partners with MOQO to achieve this.

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McKinsey & Company Preview

Best Practice: McKinsey & Company

The latest findings on the future of mobility. In August 2021, McKinsey & Company published "Shared mobility: Where it stands, where it's headed", a comprehensive market analysis on shared mobility.

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Spin Preview

Best Practice: Spin

The Ford Motor Company subsidiary is on the road in many cities in North America and Europe and has learned to solve problems rather than fix processes.

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Cartec Preview

OPEX at Cartec

For more than 20 years, Cartec has been equipping vehicle fleets throughout Europe with telematics systems.

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MIA map intelligence agency preview

Best Practice: MIA map intelligence agency

The Aachen-based start-up offers mobility companies and city administrations a platform for analyzing movement data.

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Bilkollektivet Preview

Best Practice: Bilkollektivet

An interview in which Norway's largest and sole profitable car sharing provider gives insights and tells what works for them.

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Augustin Friedel Teaser

Best Practice: Augustin Friedel

In an interview, Germany's renowned mobility expert told us what successful sharing providers are doing right.

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Operations at MOQO Preview


How MOQO also offers partners the best possible service through a functioning internal interaction and thus supports sharing providers in their processes.

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Sharetoo Preview

sharetoo – mobility by Porsche Bank

As of April 2021, all sharing processes of sharetoo – mobility by Porsche Bank will run via the MOQO platform

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MünsterlandRad bikesharing tourism

From mechanical to automatic with MünsterlandRad

MünsterlandRad shows how a classic bike rental company can become a successful bike sharing provider.

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Popcar Preview

With Popcar to Australia

Together with the Australian Car Sharing Service Popcar, MOQO is going to start off on another continent.

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GP Joule Preview

Sustainable Mobility with GP JOULE

GP JOULE has recognised the potential of shared mobility and has been working successfully on numerous sustainable projects for years.

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Flex Preview

New project with CFL Mobility

MOQO and CFL Mobility want to further develop car sharing in Luxembourg.

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Bilkollektivet Preview

Hej Bilkollektivet!

MOQO and Norway's biggest and most successful carsharing service Bilkollektivet take off together.

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Meran preview

Meran Bikes

Rent a bike, explore the city or do some simple business - all completely free of charge. The success story of the city of Merano.

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Humanotop Preview


A city independent of supra-regional supplies, fully self-sufficient and functioning autonomously.

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Kumpan preview

Kumpan electric

A perfect companion in every situation in life offers the family business for its customers.

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1Klang preview


All your city's mobility options in one app. At the same time, your brand is also at the center of 1KLANG®.

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Swobbee Preview


As demand for electric vehicles grows, so does the challenge of providing batteries cost-effectively, sustainably and, above all, at all times.

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Ladenetz Preview

Further expand the existing infrastructure to enable uncomplicated charging for drivers of electric cars nationwide.

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emco Preview


Since its foundation in 2010, emco has been able to develop into Germany's largest supplier of electric scooters and is known beyond its borders.

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Movelo Preview


How can companies make their own mobility more sustainable? Movelo has the answer: eBIKE4BUSINESS.

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Thüga Preview


Shaping a sustainable future with efficient and smart solutions in Thüga's partner association.

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DB Connect Preview

Deutsche Bahn Connect GmbH

The center in Halle is the customer service department of Deutsche Bahn Connect GmbH, which also works with external sharing providers.

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