Heavy Loads Handled Easier

Few people have to transport bulky or heavy goods on a daily basis. When someone finds him or herself in a situation where a heavy load needs to be transported, it’s great to know where to find a suitable vehicle. This is precisely where Shared Mobility makes sense.

Transporter Sharing

Where transporters are needed
Wherever freight exceeds the dimensions of a "normal" car, wherever trunk tetris no longer helps because the volume of the individual parts is too high, transporters are used.

For private individuals, this is usually the case in front of hardware stores and during moves. Occasionally, you can find rental offers there that make transport easier for customers and advertise immediate self-delivery as an alternative to the delivery date in a few weeks.

Use your location advantage as a supplier, their immediate proximity to business parks or a central location in the city. With a well-chosen location, you offer your customers real added value and yourself a competitive advantage.

Automated processes
Allow your customers a self-service process and minimize staff time. By defining rate groups, insurance conditions and access rights, you can allow your customers easy and quick access at any time. Claims and fee management are also fully integrated into the app.

Experienced partners
In various sharing offers, MOQO has proven the solid integration of transporters and a smooth process - be it in the Transporter Sharing of HeyRudi!, the Frachtfahrer project of Autohaus Borchers or together with the Globus DIY chain. In each case, setup was quick and accompanied by a MOQO expert.

Selecting vehicle models
The integration of the transporters into the MOQO platform is carried out quickly and easily by our service team and is thus just as simple as for passenger cars. So there are no limits when it comes to selecting vehicle models. Existing transporters can also be integrated into the system.

Use your advantages
  • Play to your locational advantage
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Immediate collection of goods, instead of delivery after weeks
  • Sharing can be integrated into your own app
  • Flexible and around the clock bookable vans
  • Equally suitable for combustion engines and electric motors

  • Combine discounts with purchases in your store
  • Use a flexible tariff system
  • 24/7 support for your customers
  • Fully automated processes for minimal workload
  • MOQO marketing tools for more attention

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