Trafikpoint - Mobility station Made in Switzerland

July 17, 2020 | Reading time 1 min
Trafikpoint is the first integrated mobility station in Switzerland for developers and neighborhoods, freely configurable on a monthly subscription basis. With the digital MOQO platform, various means of transport are offered centrally on site from a single source.

Trafikpoint is the first mobility station in Switzerland to include a wide range of sharing services, thus optimally complementing public transport. Users can book, open and pay for vehicles from a single source via MOQO's digital mobility platform. Through credit notes, the developer or company can even control usage and thus fulfill conditions from the building permit. This enables mobility despite framework conditions. The mobility station is suitable for residential projects, urban developments, neighborhoods or companies that want to provide a diverse range of mobility services centrally on site. This ranges from scooters to bikes, cargo bikes, scooters and cars - if possible electrically powered. "Many of our mobility concepts for neighborhoods included a mobility station. Unfortunately, this did not yet exist in Switzerland, so we developed our own solution together with MOQO," says Roman Steffen, co-owner of Trafiko, the company behind the idea. More info: 
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