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January 21, 2021 | Reading time 4 min

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Subscription or per-minute tariff? You know what the right tariff is for your target group. MOQO allows you to design this tariff in detail and offer it to your target group.

Basic Tariff and Pro Tariff

In order to support sharing providers by providing full flexibility in tariff design with the simplest possible application, two new tariff types have been introduced: Basic Tariff (for Basic Partners) and Pro Tariff (from Pro Partnership).

Tariff design for all business models

Build your tariffs model from time tariffs and/or mileage tariffs. You set the focus and use the available elements to make offers attractive and fair. The new tariff feature offers you the necessary design freedom.

The new tariff types allow you to map all common tariff models, both for station-based and free-floating offers. In addition, they support the desired usage behavior in line with your strategic orientation.

All pricing elements are designed in such a way that drivers receive a simple and comprehensible summary at the end of the booking process - regardless of the tariff model.

MOQO Tariff Editor

Tariff design for all business models

Time price

Defines the amount for a booking duration used. It is possible to cycle by minutes, hours, days or weeks. By activating multiple time prices, short and long booking periods can be considered simultaneously and served accordingly.

Kilometer prices

The distance traveled during the booking is hereby charged. The calculation is always made per fractional kilometer. Mileage prices also provide the easiest way to account for fuel consumption (and other factors such as vehicle wear and tear).

Inclusive kilometers

Indicates the distance from which the kilometer price is applied or how many kilometers are included in a time price or booking. Inclusive kilometers can promote both the willingness to book and the planning of bookings by your drivers.

Booking fee

Charged as soon as the driver starts his booking. For example, costs such as administrative expenses that are incurred by the operator regardless of the booking process can be taken into account.

Free start

There is no cost for the driver for a specified time unit (except for the booking fee).

Discount (Pro Tariff)

Discounts can be created for both time and kilometer prices. This allows you to reduce the price after a certain duration or distance.

Combine freely

All price elements are compatible with each other. As a rule, however, it is advisable to reduce them to necessary price elements in order to increase the overview for drivers.

Use in all countries

The rates can be applied in almost all currencies and countries.

Fuel cards and charging station

To make ongoing operations as user-friendly as possible, it is advisable to include fuel costs in the tariffs. Fuel and charging cards or charging stations in combination with return conditions ensure the readiness of the vehicles for subsequent use.

Manage tariffs clearly and assign them easily

Especially in extensive fleet and team structures, the time required for processing is a relevant factor. New functions and shorter workflows have been optimized in user tests to enable a resource-saving way of working in the tariff creation. The use of further MOQO features such as vehicle classes > increase this effect.

Tariff Assignment


The new tariff types are an important step in the expansion of a comprehensive pricing engine. In the near future, further additions such as time-based rates and features such as MOQO Wallet will follow, enabling sharing providers to follow the trend of the shared mobility economy and expand competitive advantages.

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