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April 20, 2020 | Reading time 4 min

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Porsche Bank AG is Austria's market leader in the areas of car leasing and insurance and is part of Porsche Holding. In addition, Porsche Bank has subsidiaries in countries where the Austrian Porsche Holding is present as an importer or retailer.

Flexibility is a Top Priority at sharetoo

To meet the mobility demands of its drivers, sharetoo places a clear focus on flexibility:

"Alternative mobility solutions are in high demand and flexibility is playing an increasingly important role. This innovative car sharing concept offers something for everyone. The offer is interesting for all those who want to share a car and combine sustainable mobility with the latest technology", says Dominik Grimm, project manager at sharetoo.

In order to offer its customers this flexibility and meet their diverse mobility needs, Porsche Bank has added a further mobility solution to its attractive package solutions for financing, insurance and service in the form of a car subscription in addition to the car sharing offer: With autoabo – mobility by Porsche Bank, customers can choose between four different vehicle categories depending on the desired subscription period of 3, 6 or 12 months and their mobility needs. A change of model is possible on a monthly basis.

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Valuable Partnerships

In order to realize offers that are as tailored as possible, sharetoo also works closely with municipalities and local associations. Other partners include businesses, housing complexes, and even car dealers who need replacement or test vehicles. All of these partners can also offer carsharing together in different constellations. How they get the vehicles and how they are cared for and maintained is ultimately up to them. However, most of them use the offers and services of Porsche Bank to get a fully comprehensive offer from a single source.

Expanding Car Sharing With MOQO

At the moment, sharetoo's car sharing solution is available in Austria, Romania and Serbia. Further countries are planned. Porsche Bank has brought MOQO on board as a partner for the further expansion and design of its mobility solutions: From April 2021, all processes required for sharing will run via the MOQO platform.

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