A sharing offer in Switzerland

As a car dealership with a long tradition, Auto Birrer AG took the next step in 2018 and launched its own car sharing service by founding the company Share Birrer AG. With MOQO as a solid sharing solution, more than 20 vehicles are on the road there in sharing operation. In addition, a charging network is growing under the brand that is accessible to all electric vehicles in the Sursee region.

Share Birrer

Share Birrer

The company is thus entering a new market as a pioneer, gathering knowledge and developing into a sharing expert. With a fleet consisting of Hyundai Ioniq (280 km range), Hyundai Kona (470 km range) and recently also a Tesla Model 3 (up to 600 km range), all customer needs can be covered.

Share Birrer is betting on electric mobility as a long-term trend and assumes that sharing vehicles will at least replace second cars. In addition, sharing vehicles close gaps in public transport and reach remote areas flexibly and at any time.

Under the motto "sharing is the new having," customers are given the opportunity to test a wide range of vehicles at low cost. Those who have not yet used electromobility will discover a new driving experience here.

The proximity to Auto Birrer AG also proves practical in the maintenance and provision of the vehicles. Short communication channels optimize cooperation under one roof.

MOQO is an emerging German startup from Aachen. Through previous projects in the shared mobility sector, MOQO has taken on an expert role. This has resulted in a sharing solution that enables anyone to put their own sharing service on the road in the shortest possible time and without any special prior knowledge. 

Share Birrer has shown that the sharing solution also works smoothly internationally. In addition, the integration of the vehicles and the creation of the sharing offer on the platform was quickly implemented and successfully promoted through Auto Birrer's many years of experience.

The MOQO app enables flexible and smooth use of the vehicles. There, the user can quickly register and, after successful driver's license verification, book vehicles at any time and get in keylessly. During the journey, the app then provides support, for example, with instructions on the charging process and a charging station finder.

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