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Car Sharing in Down Under

February 16, 2021 | Reading time 3 min

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Dreamy beaches, bustling cities and car sharing run by MOQO. This means that the second major migration is already on the agenda: with the Australian car sharing service Popcar, MOQO is launching on another continent. This article explains more about Popcar, its mission and how MOQO fits in:

Shared Mobility for Australia

The car sharing service from Australia was founded in 2016 and is active in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. The number of Popcar vehicles is steadily increasing: while there were around 180 vehicles on Australia's roads in 2020, this number is expected to reach 300 by 2021 and as many as 500 in the near future. At the moment, some hybrid vehicles are already in operation, but electric vehicles are also planned.

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Sharing is Caring - Not Only for the Environment

Popcar's growing fleet proves that car sharing is becoming more and more popular. This is not least due to the positive effects of sharing on the climate: "With car sharing, you use the car when you really need it. That means fewer cars on the roads, less congestion, less carbon emissions. It's a good thing for everyone," explains Anthony Welsh, Director of Popcar.

In its commitment to environmental protection, Popcar also offers its users the opportunity to pay a compensation amount for their journey made, thereby offsetting the carbon emissions generated. This money is then used, for example, to plant the "Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor" - a project that works to reforest the Australian landscape and biodiversity.

The sustainable concept also includes cooperation with city councils. Popcar supports them in the field of sustainable mobility policy. Companies from all kinds of industries are also among Popcar's partners: from gastronomy and tourism to fitness and real estate. No matter whether private individuals or companies: Popcar offers both Popcar offers both user groups the appropriate usage and pricing models and gives them the opportunity to benefit from the advantages of shared mobility.

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For More Competition

In addition to climate protection, it was important to Popcar to create more competition in the car sharing market: "For a long time, there was hardly any choice for those who wanted to use car sharing, there was hardly any choice among the providers. Now that there is competition, the people in Australia have better access to all the benefits of car sharing and the customers benefit from better services," says Anthony Welsh.

The aim is to provide users with a high-quality service. After all, shared mobility was not an attractive option for many Australians for a long time: "Australia is attached to the idea of private car ownership and the independence and privacy that comes with it," Welsh knows. Therefore, Popcar convinces with a qualitative service and high user comfort that is in no way inferior to owning a car: "We not only give our members the certainty that they are relieving the environment and saving money. We also offer them a spotless and well-maintained premium fleet and very competitive prices. And last but not least, our all-round carefree service and easy handling is an important criterion in convincing more and more Australians to take up car sharing."

According to Anthony Welsh, MOQO offers the right software for the requirements:

"For us, two factors were decisive: with the MOQO app, we can offer the people in Australia the leading solution for shared mobility. The second reason is the team behind the technology. We have great confidence that they will their solution to continue to be at the forefront, for the mutual benefit and the benefit mutual benefit and the benefit of our members."

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