OPEX for Shared Mobility

Best Practice Examples at a Glance

Dezember 23, 2021 | Lesezeit: 3 Minuten

Best Practices Overview of participants

As part of our exploration of Operational Excellence as a Shared Mobility provider, we not only relied on our own expertise, but also networked with experienced companies and individuals in the industry. The partners of our MOQO Summit 2021 Bilkollektivet, Cartec, MIA and Spin report how processes are improved in their organization. In addition, McKinsey & Company and blogger Augustin Friedel provide insights on general developments in the industry and explain what role Operational Excellence plays in this.

OPEX in Practice

Bilkollektivet Logo


Users As Shareholders

Bilkollektivet is the largest and only profitable car sharing provider in Norway. This success is very much related to the way the business is managed internally, as well as the very user-centric and long-term approach. The Norwegian provider also sees continuous process improvement as a responsibility to make carsharing increasingly attractive and future-proof.

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Fulfilled Customer Wishes Through Optimized Processes

For more than 20 years, Cartec has been equipping vehicle fleets across Europe with telematics systems. In addition to good logistics, a high degree of Operational Excellence is required in various business areas to ensure that orders are processed promptly and efficiently. To this end, Cartec deliberately combines strategic approaches with operational methods in order to increase the company's success.

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Data Analysis as the Basis For Process Optimization

The Aachen-based start-up MIA map intelligence agency offers mobility companies and city administrations a platform for analyzing movement data. The start-up sees comprehensive data-driven and demand-driven analyses on which decisions are based as a key factor for Operational Excellence among sharing providers.



Self-Service-Platform And SCRUM

At MOQO, we want to use Operational Excellence to enable our partners to optimize their operational processes through intelligent software solutions. On the other hand, we also strive internally for effective processes and continuous improvement. Both the self-service approach of our MOQO platform and the SCRUM method play an important role in this.

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Don’t Fix Processes But Solve Problems

Spin is a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company and a provider of micromobility in many cities across North America and Europe. There, Operational Excellence means finding solutions to problems rather than fixing processes. While a repair may make something broken work again, it does not guarantee that the same or a very similar problem will not occur again in the future.

Developments and Trends in Shared Mobility

McKinsey and Company Logo

McKinsey & Company:

Car Sharing is Growing, But is Not a Self-runner

In August 2021, McKinsey & Company published a comprehensive market analysis of shared mobility under the title "Shared mobility: Where it stands, where it's headed". The study looks at the individual segments of the shared mobility market not only in terms of market share, but also with regard to investments and the mood of users. It also takes a look at the future of mobility.

Augustin Friedel Preview

Augustin Friedel:

What Successful Sharing Providers Do Right

Augustin Friedel is one of Germany's best-known shared mobility experts. He not only gave us insights into the current trends on the mobility market, but also what is important for long-term success as a sharing provider. He sees the optimization of daily operational processes as particularly important.

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