Building Internationaler Sharing Services

June 30, 2020 | Reading time 6 min
The colorful sharing world consists of many countries, because the topic of shared mobility is developing around the globe into an attractive and profitable business model. Occasionally, you only find the right business partner when you look around across countries. In order for such a cooperation to run smoothly, attention must be paid to some requirements in advance.

MOQO is now represented in 15 countries with shared mobility projects and can justifiably claim to be able to meet the cross-border requirements. To make collaboration more effective, the portfolio of payment methods, languages used and helpful features is constantly being expanded. The requirements of the sharing providers are always in focus.

So what needs to be considered when aiming for an international shared mobility project? Based on our own projects, MOQO can provide some answers.

In a nutshell: four issues should be clarified in advance - language, currency, driver's license validation and support.
countries where MOQO services is running


In shared mobility projects, there are two levels of communication. The first is between the sharing provider and its business customers and drivers, and the second is between platform experts - i.e. MOQO - and the sharing provider. For communication to work well on both levels, media and channels need to be thought through in advance. In the app as well as on the portal, by the way, the language selection is automatically based on the settings in the user's browser.
Sharing app for drivers
Currently available in 6 languages:
(expandable at any time)

- German language
- English language

KI Based
- Dutch language
- Spanish language
- Italian language
- French

App languages
New Languages
Platform for operators
Available in:

- German
- English
- Dutch language
- Spanish language
- Italian
Platform languages

Currencies and payment methods

Over 160 currencies possible
The choice of the national currency is made via the platform, individually for each sharing provider. In principle, all currencies can be used, the only important thing here is compatibility with the payment provider or means of payment used. Operators who want to operate in multiple countries or with multiple currencies can do so by setting up multiple sharing offers.
payment info
Possible means of payment

- credit card
- SEPA (EU member states)
- Sofortüberweisung (11 countries)
- GiroPay (Germany)
payment provider info
Value Added Tax (VAT)
The sales tax is specified by the respective state. MOQO allows you to set the sales tax for your sharing offers according to the specifications per country and to invoice it fully automatically.

To be able to react quickly to changes and to differentiate special cases, it makes sense to decouple the sales tax from the currency. The sales tax can be set at different levels for different tasks - and thus correspond to the country-specific specifications.
usage example
payment worldmap

Drivers license validation

Validate driving licenses
With MOQO, you can provide vehicles that require a driver's license, such as cars, vans and electric scooters, as well as vehicles that do not require a driver's license, such as e-bikes, bicycles and kick scooters. For the former, sharing providers in Germany are required to check the existence of a valid driver's license. In other countries, the regulations are more provider-friendly, so that the driver's license requirement can simply be ensured via the T&Cs. But even then, a driver's license validation can make sense from the provider's point of view and promote the safety of their own vehicles.
drivers licence infobox
On-site control
Driver's licenses can be checked by an employee on site. What is required is a point of contact for drivers and the availability of the authorized employee.

Integrate your own process
Your employee validates driver licenses easily via the MOQO portal. You can include this process in your desired validation process. This also allows you to take advantage of existing communication channels to your drivers.

Digital driver's license validation with Postident

The Deutsche Post service offers secure verification of driver's licenses from various countries.
In addition to German driver's licenses, European driver's licenses in credit card format can also be verified, provided they contain a photograph.

Digital driver's license validation with Netverify
Netverify validates driver's licenses from over 55 countries. The service is currently deactivated and can be reactivated at short notice if there is sufficient demand. Advantageous here: Ideally, a driver's license is validated in 3 minutes. Drivers can make bookings immediately afterwards.
drivers licence worldmap

Support and Services

MOQO offers support and services in all areas in German and English. All other languages can be served by the sharing provider.

Sharing provider
Sharing providers receive demos of the platform, training of their staff and support in their daily tasks directly from MOQO. This requires a German or English speaking contact person.

Drivers are supported by MOQO Support by default, who can also provide support in German or English. For support in other languages, a separate support service can be set up by the sharing provider. MOQO then assists in setting up and training the support team.

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