Become a shared mobility provider in just 4 weeks

Become a mobility provider in your region and operate your own sharing service. You position your brand, your business model and your service, easily and effectively via MOQO. Equipped with an intuitive platform and an attractive mobility sharing app, you will become a professional in no time without prior knowledge and supported by our experts.

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What options are offered
Car sharing has become part of the urban landscape in urban areas. In the recent past, kick scooter sharing offers have also attracted attention, and electric scooters and e-bikes have embellished city centers in a stylish, sustainable and nimble way. Even home improvement stores have discovered benefits in van sharing for their core business.
With MOQO, you can incorporate all of these systems into your business model and create real value for your users. Both the general public and closed interest groups can be targeted. From just a few vehicles to large fleets of vehicles, you can expand your service in a stepless manner.

Proximity through on-site service providers
To ensure a smooth operation of your sharing offer, MOQO works with service partners directly at your location. The distances are short and services such as vehicle delivery, cleaning and maintenance can be handled quickly. With this principle MOQO is now on the road in 8 countries as a reliable partner for mobility providers.

Holistic support
Your personal expert at MOQO guides you through the set-up process and accompanies you as you get started as a mobility provider. Supported by a continuously growing guide, you will become a shared mobility professional step by step. Constant knowledge exchange and joint growth ensure sustainable and profitable growth. 

Without detours
It takes no more than 4 weeks from the conclusion of the contract until the vehicles are ready for use on the road. You can actively use the interim period to inform potential drivers in advance. With the help of MOQO marketing tools you increase your potential.

Connected vehicles

(1) Your vehicles

Use your own vehicles or obtain vehicles from a supplier directly on site.

Telematics: Vehicles are connected directly to the platform via a telematics unit.
Some manufacturers already offer the possibility to address vehicle-side interfaces directly, so that an additional installation is not necessary.

Vehicle types: With MOQO, you can integrate all vehicles, from cars to vans, e-bikes, electric scooters to kick scooters. Combinations of different vehicle types are also mapped via the same platform. Users can access all vehicle types via an app.

Free choice: The principle can be applied to almost all brands. So there are no limits when creating your vehicle pool. Test user behavior against different vehicles and gradually optimize your offering.

Fuel and charging cards: To ensure smooth operation, your vehicles should be equipped with fuel cards and charging cards. In this way, you ensure a fair distribution of costs among users and always sufficient refueled or charged vehicles.
operate vehicles

(2) Set up sharing offer

The vehicles are linked to the app via the MOQO portal. Numerous setting options ensure a sharing offer that is ideally adapted to your needs. Live tracking allows you to track the use of your offer, react dynamically to it and thus control it optimally.

Create a sharing offer: Determine the user group and possible parking areas (station-based or free floating). Expand your user groups and use cases as you wish.

Assign vehicles: Use the MOQO platform to assign your vehicles to different user groups.

Design tariffs: Per hour, throughout the day, through the night .... Differentiated pricing means that you can optimally serve user needs without missing out yourself.

Insuring the vehicles: Together with the vehicle provider, you create suitable insurance policies for the vehicles. You can then deposit these individually. They promote trust and security.

(3) Nutzer gewinnen

Get a detailed overview of user numbers and tools to manage your users. For example, actively invite new users or transfer existing user groups to your new system. Promote your service to potential drivers and generate attention, supported by MOQO marketing tools.

Invite users: Already know your potential drivers? Send them an invitation via email. Users just need to follow the link there to be registered in your sharing offer.

Transfer user groups: If you have a list of existing users and want to transfer them to the new system, you can easily do this using a .CSV or .EXCEL spreadsheet.

Marketing tool starter discount: Lower the barrier to entry. With an automatically generated starter discount, you can promote a discounted first ride.

Refer-a-friend marketing tool: Leverage the positive vibe in your community. The best advertising is still the verbal recommendation of a satisfied driver. As a thank you for the recommendation, give the advertiser and the advertised user each a discount.

Marketing tool QR code direct entry: The shortest way to your destination. Your user only has to scan the QR code on the vehicle and is taken directly to the automatically created booking.

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