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Making Mobility Sustainable

February 18, 2021 | Reading time 5 min

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Less traffic, less used parking spaces, climate-friendly: Shared Mobility has many advantages and good reasons to be used by people and as a business model. GP JOULE has recognised the potential and has been working with MOQO since 2020 to jointly offer sustainable sharing models. This article explains what drives GP JOULE and what makes up their various sharing offers.

Sharing: Element of Future Mobility

Producing 100% renewable energy worldwide: That is the vision. To get closer to this goal, the company is already offering energy solutions with a future: from solar and wind farms to grids for district and local heating.In the vision of a green world of tomorrow, mobility also plays a major role. This is why the company's GP JOULE CONNECT business unit focuses on sustainable e-mobility. In addition to smart charging infrastructures, charging networks and mobility consulting, their portfolio also includes shared mobility. Because like MOQO, GP JOULE CONNECT also believes that mobility in the future will no longer revolve around owning one's own vehicles. On the contrary, well-developed sharing models will make owner-occupied vehicles less relevant.

The special feature: The sharing e-vehicles are either powered by GP JOULE's green electricity or the stations can generate electricity through self-generation plants - sustainable, regenerative and profitable.


The GP JOULE CONNECT portfolio includes numerous successful reference projects. Of particular interest are the Pioneer Park Hanau project, the e-bike sharing of the city of Flensburg and the car sharing of the Pinneberg district administration.

Pioneer Park Hanau - Neighbourhood

The Pioneer Park Hanau project shows how shared mobility can be intelligently integrated into residential and construction projects: over the next three years, the neighbourhood of the future will be built there in the middle of the Rhine-Main region. Around 1,600 residential units will be built on an area of 50 hectares, providing a home for up to 5,000 people and space for businesses. Mobility in the quarter? Smart and sustainable. Up to 15 e-mobility stations will enable convenient charging of private and sharing vehicles. By 2024, the broad sharing system will be available to residents and guests. The goal: With over 100 e-vehicles (e-cars, e-bikes and e-load bikes), to offer an attractive, flexible and reliable mobility solution that makes second or third vehicles superfluous. Especially for infrequent and occasional drivers, the sharing option is an alternative to owning a vehicle. At the same time, the wide range of vehicles on offer allows them to use another vehicle as needed: While the e-bike is sufficient for a short errand, the e-car is more suitable for the next appointment. "Today the BMW i3 fits perfectly, tomorrow the E-Golf is more suitable".

In addition to the flexibility gained, residents also benefit from an improved quality of life: less traffic means less noise, reduced CO2 emissions and better air quality.

So far, one e-mobility station with a BMW i3, three VW E-Golfs and eight e-bikes and e-load bikes has already been launched. The next three stations are scheduled to go into operation as early as this year.

More information on Pioneer Park Hanau
Station City Pioneer Park Hanau

Public E-Bike Sharing in Flensburg

Another exciting project by GP JOULE CONNECT is the public e-bike sharing they have launched together with the city of Flensburg. The station directly at Flensburg's Hafenspitz is equipped with a mobility container for eight e-bikes. DIY solar panels (the so-called "miniJOULES") installed on the container can sustainably generate electricity for the station, which then provides the drive for the bikes. Another plus point: tourists and locals can explore the city or attend appointments in a relaxed and effortless manner, while at the same time relieving traffic congestion.

After the success of the first station, four more stations followed for the time being, all of which are offered in a station-based round-trip sharing.

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Bike Station Flensburg

District Administration - Pinneberg

The Pinneberg district administration has recognised the advantages of an internal sharing concept: As part of a complete fleet conversion, in which GP JOULE CONNECT took care of the complete electrification of the district administration's vehicle fleet, a sharing offer was integrated at the same time. This means that employees can conveniently book the 37 e-vehicles via the app. Here, too, energy is partly generated by a photovoltaic system - true to the motto of regenerative and sustainable mobility. An integrated storage system guarantees a continuous supply.

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E-Fleet pinneberg

The three projects show the potential and at the same time the diverse and sector-independent application areas of shared mobility. Moreover, it becomes clear that sustainable mobility is a profitable concept that simultaneously ensures a green and better future.

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