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Extended Carsharing in Luxembourg

February 2, 2021 | Reading time 2 min

With around 620,000 inhabitants, Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe. At the same time, however, it is also the country with the largest gross domestic product per capita. The accompanying prosperity, the broadly developed infrastructure and the common company car practice result in a very high number of vehicles in relation to Luxembourg's inhabitants. The consequence: traffic chaos and congestion. Not least due to the 200,000 commuters from neighbouring countries like Germany, Belgium and France who regularly cross the border. A solution was needed to counteract the trend: For the climate and free roads.

Carsharing Against Traffic Chaos

Part of the solution is the carsharing service "Flex". It was launched in 2018 by CFL Mobility, the subsidiary of the Luxembourg railway company CFL. They started with carsharing stations at 25 stations. But that's not the end of it. The goal is to cover the entire country with carsharing stations.

"With FLEX, we want to close the gap between public transport and private mobility so that using public transport becomes an attractive alternative to owning a car," explains Jürgen Berg, Managing Director of CFL Mobility.

In addition to CFL Mobility's own FLEX car sharing stations, partnerships with municipalities and communities are also part of the long-term plan.

Flex Carsharing

A Double Life for Company Cars

The next big step towards freer roads is CFLEX. In this project, the focus is on the numerous company cars on Luxembourg's roads: In Luxembourg, it is common for employers to provide company cars. With CFLEX, these vehicles are to be given a "double life".

"During the day they are available for business trips, and outside working hours they can be used by employees at favourable conditions. This is not only a win-win situation for the company and the employees by saving costs and parking spaces, but can also be a way to reduce the attractiveness and number of private cars and thus the car density," explains Jürgen Berg.

The concept will first be tested internally within the company: "We see a great opportunity in the combined use of company cars for business and private use. As one of the largest employers in Luxembourg, CFL is the perfect place to explore the potential for internal car sharing. We are looking forward to the CFLEX project," says Jürgen Berg.

Vehicles of Flex

The MOQO App

In order to be able to cover the requirements that were now being added, a new sharing software was needed, which CFL Mobility found in MOQO:

"For the CFLEX project, we need an innovative, powerful software that supports our concept and makes its contribution to the success of the project. That's how we became aware of MOQO," explains Jürgen Berg.

MOQO offers all the processes necessary for sharing: Rental and billing processes, driving licence validations, cleaning and the recording of damages or vehicle conditions as well as personnel or accounting systems. The complete digital and automated processes relieve the burden on the sharing provider.

Logo of Flex

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