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  • Kapitel 1 – Zur MOQO Lösung 
  • Kapitel 2 – Über E-Mobilität 
  • Kapitel 3 – Zu Controlling und Aufgaben 
  • Kapitel 4 – Ein Carsharing starten 
  • Kapitel 5 – Über meine Fahrer 

About the MOQO solution

Chapter 1

How does MOQO help me to successfully establish myself as an electric car sharing provider?

The MOQO platform is a solid basis for mapping a wide variety of business models. It is flexible and can react quickly to changes. For example, tariffs can be adjusted with just a few clicks or vehicles can be made available to exclusive user groups and still be publicly available at certain times.
The MOQO platform creates transparency and provides evaluations that can be used to assess and optimize ongoing projects. This creates business models that are attractive to users and providers in the long term.

From what vehicle fleet size can car sharing be operated?

MOQO offers solutions even for very small fleets. This makes it easy and affordable to gain a foothold as a car sharing provider. At any time, your business can then be scaled up smoothly. The platform offers transparency and flexibility in controlling at any size.

Are there any references?

MOQO already works with several leasing companies and car dealerships that have expanded their classic leasing to include car sharing. This results in some positive studies, as well as security and know-how in dealing with small and large sharing projects.

MOQO already cooperates with several leasing companies, but also car dealerships that have extended their classic leasing by car sharing. This results in some positive studies, as well as security and know-how in handling such services.

How do I learn to use the platform/software?

As a customer, your personal Customer Success Manager will be at your side. This person will accompany you during your first steps on the platform and show you the basic functions - always in relation to your specific needs. Together, you set up your sharing offers in just a few steps and get them on the road. Afterwards, your Customer Success Manager will continue to support you with help and advice. He also uses your feedback to initiate further developments of the platform.

Am I well prepared for tomorrow's mobility industry with MOQO?

MOQO is an agile and lean team. Constant improvements, updates and new features are iteratively incorporated into the product. This allows us to respond to customer needs and market developments in the shortest possible time.
With the projects Urban Move, an on-demand shuttle service including an autonomous bus, and Skycab, an autonomous air cab, MOQO is also involved in research projects that look at the mobility of tomorrow.

Are there any special requirements for my drivers?

No. The registration and subsequent booking process of the drivers are guided by the app. The user guidance is so intuitive that both experienced sharing users and newcomers of all ages can find their way around. Any unusual problems can also be solved by the 24/7 support.


About E-Mobility

Chapter 2

How do I become a Shared Mobility provider?

Getting started as a Shared Mobility provider usually takes place in three steps:
Preliminary discussion: what do I want to achieve, how can MOQO support me?
Web demo:  The MOQO service is presented and can be experienced live.
Offer: The appropriate offer for the discussed goals is created and the vehicles can be set up.

What are the advantages of e-mobility?

As an e-vehicle user, one is free from current, political debates about driving ban zones in inner cities. One remains flexible. In addition, electric cars offer the driver a new driving experience, it is a distinctive driving pleasure.

Electric car sharing is an emerging market. Are there any predictions for the future of the car rental industry?

A trend is slowly but steadily emerging in the market, away from traditional car rental and toward more flexible and less elaborate car sharing models. Car rental will never be completely replaced, but there are certain use cases that can be served more efficiently by car sharing. As a car rental company, it is therefore advisable to integrate the new sharing offers, expand its market segment and respond to the new demands of the market.

What about the image of electromobility?

Electromobility is still in its infancy and thus provides fertile ground for numerous prejudices. The system is not yet fully developed and will certainly not be the final solution to our energy problem. However, electric mobility is a first approach to improve the air in cities and to raise awareness for the whole topic. The electricity used should of course come from renewable sources. Here is an opportunity in cooperation and promotions with energy suppliers.

How do you deal with the known disadvantages of e-mobility?

E-mobility is not for everyone. For users who regularly drive long distances, an internal combustion vehicle is still the best option at present. E-mobility is aimed more at urban users and all uses on short trips. In order to strengthen the reputation of electromobility and benefit from it, it makes sense to clearly identify and address the useful use cases.

How can reservations about e-mobility be dealt with?

As a sharing platform, MOQO creates direct access to e-mobility. E-vehicles can be tried out without a major barrier to entry; you are not in an artificial situation like a test drive, but can borrow the vehicle for several hours or even days and test it in real everyday situations.

E-Mobility Cars

On controlling and tasks

Chapter 3

Do I need to hire a separate employee?

The classic tasks of a car rental company also apply to e-car sharing. However, they require significantly less time and effort due to automated processes.
In classic rental, employees are assigned to two different areas: Car rental, which includes contract processing with the customer and reserving the vehicles, etc.
and the maintenance of the vehicle pool, which includes the preparation, cleaning and dispatching of the vehicles.
While the car rental tasks are digitized and automated by the platform, staff is still needed to maintain the vehicle pool. So you don't need a separate employee, tasks just shift.

Can I continue to use my existing system?

MOQO can perform integrations into the inventory software and is therefore fully compatible with familiar systems that car rental companies already use. At the beginning of the cooperation, the corresponding interface is checked to ensure compatibility. As a rule, the MOQO solution can communicate with all common interfaces.

Can I continue to use existing vehicles?

Yes. The vehicles are equipped with the appropriate hardware so that the MOQO platform can communicate with the vehicle. Once the connection is established, the vehicle can be used in carsharing operations. Almost all common vehicles are supported by this system, or offer their own interface.

Do I still need a fleet manager?

Definitely. The fleet manager's tasks will change as a result of the integration of MOQO, but he or she is the important contact person on site who will continue to solve any problems on site where digitization reaches its limits.

What effort do I have to expect as an administrator?

The administrative effort remains low, even with a large number of integrated vehicles. Processes that were previously carried out manually can now be handled digitally, which reduces the effort enormously. Only a few processes, such as recurring general inspections or tire changes, require the same amount of time and effort.

Can I also pass on my tasks to providers with expertise in the electromobility segment?

Yes, MOQO works with a number of partners who use the sharing solution in the field of electromobility and serve their customers with specially optimized business models. 

Controlling and tasks

Ein Carsharing starten

Chapter 4

How do I open up a new location?

Anyone who wants to serve a new location no longer has to be on site with a physical facility, but can create the locations virtually in the platform. MOQO supports cooperation with networks, public utilities, municipalities and others to develop attractive locations. This often results in situations with favorable connections to charging infrastructure.

Are there special subsidies for e-mobility?

In Germany in particular, the topic of e-mobility is currently being emphasized again. There are various funding budgets from the federal government and the state governments from which you can participate as an e-mobility provider. Numerous partners in the MOQO network have already successfully applied for these. If required, MOQO will be happy to mediate.

Which e-cars can be integrated?

Basically, all cars can be used for your car sharing. The decisive factor is a clean connection of the vehicles to the MOQO platform. Many cars have a suitable interface integrated for this purpose. In other models, a telematics unit is installed, which then communicates with the platform and enables keyless entry.

Can I use other vehicle types?

MOQO offers all vehicle types from a single source. For example, you can add electric scooters or kickscooters to your offering to enhance your sharing experience.

How long does the setup take?

Once the contract is signed, it usually takes less than 4 weeks to set up the vehicles with the corresponding telematics and integration into the platform or app.

How do I evaluate the success of my sharing offer?

In the MOQO portal, you can track your bookings live, including sales. Complete transparency is created through controlling tools.

What does exclusive car sharing mean?

In contrast to open sharing offers, exclusive car sharing allows you to create added value for user groups with certain attributes. For example, vehicles can be made available to residents of a neighborhood or visitors to a hotel as a special additional service.

What does closed car sharing mean?

Public sharing is not always desired. For example, corporate vehicle pools usually serve only a closed user group, the employees. Or even more narrowly, a specific department. The fleet manager can control this specifically by setting up different teams and assigning different rights.

Setup E-Carsharing

Topics about my drivers

Chapter 5

What is the experience with e-car use?

For many users, their car sharing will be their first point of contact with electromobility. This is often accompanied by a certain skepticism about the vehicles or lack of knowledge about how to operate them. MOQO has addressed this issue and supports your drivers every step of the way via the app. For unanswered questions or unusual problems, drivers can contact the 24/7 support.

How can existing riders use my new offerings?

All public sharing offers are displayed in the MOQO app. So if a rider is already registered for one of your sharing offers, he can find your other offers, for example in another city. He can register for this sharing (without extra effort) and thus use offers with other vehicle categories, such as bikes or scooters.

What to do if a problem occurs?

In addition to your contact person at MOQO, there is 24/7 support available for you as a sharing provider as well as for your riders, who are highly trained and can respond to special requirements and questions about usage. Drivers can find the phone number directly through the help function in the app.

How can drivers charge the e-vehicles?

As an end user, the question also arises, where do I charge my car? Charging stations are now available mainly in urban areas, but also in many places in the countryside. The MOQO app makes these visible via the integrated charging station finder. It is recommended to always equip electric cars with a charging card and cover the costs via the tariffs. The return location for the vehicle should always be equipped with a charging station.

driver app location

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