EVL Limburg – a Success Story

September 8, 2020 | Reading time 2 min
Seeing opportunities and seizing them: EVL in Limburg has recognized the potential and launched its own car-sharing service. The supplier of electricity, natural gas and heat has installed e-vehicles at four smart locations in Limburg's urban area. In this way, EVL is offering a contribution to the upcoming traffic turnaround and creating added value for the city of Limburg and its residents.

Advantages of car sharing

Sharing offers ensure less parking pressure and less traffic in the city. They create flexibility and independence. Through a broad network of sharing offers, residents do not have to purchase their own vehicle to get from A to B or can do without a second car.

Why sharing is worthwhile for municipal utilities

EVL only provides electric vehicles in its sharing offer. This enables them to convince in terms of the environment in two respects at once: In addition to the advantages of the sharing economy, the use of electric vehicles reduces pollutant emissions in their city. 

The concept has proven itself. The offer is readily accepted and the municipal utilities receive consistently positive feedback. Sharing is also a strong marketing opportunity for the municipal utilities: on the one hand, they show that they are moving with the times and are open to innovation. On the other hand, the foil wrapping of the car with the EVL logo directly catches the eye. As a result, they have already gained recognition beyond Limburg. 

Implementing a sharing offer is straightforward and can be done within four weeks with MOQO. Find out about the potential challenges, goals and opportunities for municipal utilities in the EVL Limburg case study.

Case Study EVL Limburg

EVL Limburg has put an intelligent and exciting sharing service on the road. In the case study, you can learn more about the challenges, goals and potentials that municipal utilities face. 

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