last update: April 9, 2020

Looking to the future together

At present, public life is proving difficult. We people are unsettled, the economy is suffering severe damage, and the shared mobility sector is also affected. There are probably enough summaries about the coronavirus. Experts on the virus, COVID-19 and the pandemic can be found elsewhere. This article is specifically about the shared mobility sector and the impact on their sharing services.

Corona actions

MOQO is here for you
MOQO employees have moved to the home office until further notice. The home offices are well set up and the trial phase has been successfully completed. These are the best prerequisites for continuing to operate dynamically and reliably together with you.

Adapting your sharing offer
The reactions of sharing providers to the Corona crisis vary. Most sharing offers are still usable, albeit with a reduced fleet. In many places, shared mobility offerings are a reliable supplement to the greatly reduced public transportation system, making a significant contribution to mobilizing people who need to be mobile during this time. We are seeing particularly ambitious providers making their vehicles available free of charge to caregivers and medical professionals. However, some providers have paused their service for the time being to protect users, as they cannot afford the additional effort now required to clean and maintain the vehicles.

Recommended actions
  • Communicate with your drivers about your actions and your assessment of the situation.
  • Provide additional support for vehicle hygiene and provide disinfectants for drivers and cleaning agents for surfaces in the vehicles.
  • Support your drivers' behavior by providing instructions or posting notices in the vehicles.
  • Reduce your fleet, if necessary, so that you can offer and implement hygiene measures in an economical way.

Instructions to drivers
MOQO is happy to support you in communicating with your users. You should point out the following to your community:

  • Reduce usage to necessary trips
  • If possible drive alone or with a minimum number of people
  • Keep your distance in the vehicle if necessary
  • In case of doubt and symptoms, please do not book
  • Reduce contact with surfaces in the vehicle if possible
  • If available, use the utensils for disinfection in the vehicle
  • Observe common rules of behavior and distance

Plan next steps now
One thing is certain: it will continue.  
Many people's consciousness is changing as a result of the Corona Crisis and, in all likelihood, will significantly change the way we get around, buy food (and toilet paper) and work. We at MOQO believe that this is a unique opportunity to anchor sharing offers as a real alternative to your own car and as a complement to public transport in your region. Become a sharing provider in your region! Planned together with our experts, your shared mobility offer will be live within 4 weeks.  

Use the time and prepare yourself and your company already today for the time after Corona.

Keep your distance, stay healthy and let's shape the future together.