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Hei Bilkollektivet!

January 18, 2021 | Reading time 3 min

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It's official: MOQO and Bilkollektivet are entering into a partnership and will be taking off together as of January 2021. The MOQO app will then manage all registrations, driver's license validations, booking requests, and billing processes pending at Bilkollektivet.

Bilkollektivet - Norway's largest car sharing company

Bilkollektivet was founded 25 years ago in Oslo, making it Norway's largest and also most successful car sharing company. It is profitable for the last three years as the only one in the Norwegian market. In September, the provider counted remarkable 11,000 subscribing members (90% without owning their own car an solely relying on Bilkollektivet for car based transport)driving around the streets of Oslo and Stavanger (Norway's fourth largest city) in a total of 515 sharing cars. And the numbers of new registrations also speak for themselves: around 400-500 people have recently been registering for car sharing every month. Despite, or perhaps because of, the current crisis. After all, carsharing makes it easy for drivers to get from A to B without resorting to public transport.

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One special feature: carsharing is based on a cooperative ideal. Members become shareholders themselves when they join the cooperative, pay a monthly fee and, beyond that, only the charges per booked trip. Fuel or charges and tolls are included.

"Our mission is to provide mobility based on a non-profit car sharing service and to offer alternatives to owning a car. Everything we generate as a non-profit organization is used to expand the vehicle fleet and offer even more benefits to members," says Morten Munch-Olsen, CEO of Bilkollektivet.

The appropriate system for the Norwegian plans, he says, is offered by MOQO:

"MOQO shines with a number of good, successful reference projects. The system architecture is modern, the app user-friendly. The MOQO team is forward-looking, agile and offers professional customer management. MOQO has the resources to help us continue to excel," says Munch-Olsen.

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A look to the future

As of January 18, 2021, MOQO is available to Bilkollektivet and its users. Bilkollektivet's mission: to offer the total package of "cooperative car sharing with the MOQO app" throughout Norway to municipalities not yet served by car sharing. Munch-Olsen is confident that the journey will continue for a long time to come: "We have proven to have the right business model to deliver compelling service at a reasonable price."

MOQO is proud of the new strong partnership and looks forward to further cooperation. In this sense: God tur and ha det bra!

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