5 strong reasons why you should set up a bike sharing

November 17, 2020 | Reading 4 min

Download sharing app, enter means of payment, book a bike and your customers ride can start. Bicycle rental systems are not only easy to use, they are also attractive for numerous user groups and offer sharing providers all kinds of advantages. We have collected 5 good reasons why you should offer bike sharing!

5 Reasons for Bike Sharing

1. Flexibility

Compared to owning a bike, the use of shared bikes shows a higher flexibility on closer inspection. Especially offers to manage the last mile, provide your users an attractive added value (by "last mile" we mean the journey from the train station to the final destination). Although bicycles may be transportable on some trains, taking them with you is usually expensive and cumbersome. Especially during rush hours, trains do not necessarily offer space for extra luggage (like your own bicycle). The situation is even more difficult in buses. It is better to use bicycle rental systems on site as an alternative. Bike sharing providers can take advantage of this and place their sharing stations at train and bus stations. This way, you can relax and rent a bike after the train or bus ride. Through smart bike lock technologies, such stations can be set up quickly and cost-effectively.

2. 24/7 available

Since users can independently access bikes in the rental system through the app and bike lock, there is no need to spend resources on staff. At the same time, you enable your users to book their bikes throughout the day - whether it's early in the morning, in the afternoon or at night. With an outsourced customer service, you can offer your users consistently competent help in case of problems without having to take action yourself.

3. Marketing

The bikes offer space for advertising your logo. When users ride your shared bikes from A to B, you automatically advertise your company. Especially if there is no similar offer available in your area, you build up a positive image. Other bike models offer additional advertising space on the back of the bikes. In this case, companies can rent the advertising space on the bikes. In the MOQO portal sharing provider also have the possibility to create weekly or monthly rates. With such offers you can bind customers to you in the long run. With discount campaigns you can also attract the attention of new users to you and your sharing offer without much effort.

4. Safety

Potential drivers can be checked before accessing your sharing offer. You can integrate an additional verification process into their registration if desired. This can be automated via the app with a partner company or manually performed on site by your employees. The verification process checks the authenticity of the user data and thus additionally secures your sharing offer. Conspicuous users are put on a blacklist to prevent possible new attempts at fraud.

5. Sustainability

Often, owned bicycles are not used by the owner and stored in the garage. If people who rarely ride fall back on a sharing system instead, they contribute to a more sustainable world. After all, shared bikes cover about 10,000 kilometers a year, considerably more than bicycles in private ownership. The use of sharing offers can therefore help to use resources more effectively. As a provider of a bike sharing system, you make the use of shared bikes possible and thus make a positive contribution to the environment. Users may even actively decide against driving a car and use the rented bike.

The benefits at a glance

With your bike sharing offer you help your users to be more flexible. But you as a provider also benefit from the advantages: Bike sharing offers become profitable rental systems through automated processes and smart technologies. You can provide your offer around the clock without having to set up a service point. At the same time, the foils of the bikes provide marketing for your rental, workshop or company. Last but not least, with your bike sharing offer you contribute to the conservation of resources.

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