10 Steps to Becoming a Successful Bike Sharing Provider

August 14, 2020 | Reading time 7 min
Bike sharing is also becoming increasingly popular in Germany. Hardly surprising, after all, the concept combines factors such as flexibility and environmental friendliness. Aspects that are also becoming increasingly important in mobility. Shared bikes can be conveniently used as a supplement to buses and trains, and users save costs in terms of purchasing and maintaining their own bicycles. In addition to the benefits for users of bike sharing services, providers of such concepts also benefit. Cities can reduce parking pressure and traffic in the city. As a company, you can use bikes as advertising space, or you can make your less-used bikes available to selected groups of people for short-term rental, driving internal innovation. The concept is also particularly exciting for providers of traditional rental systems - because bike sharing allows people to use your service outside of opening hours - the possibilities to design sharing are unlimited.
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With MOQO and the following 10 steps, you too can easily become a successful bike sharing provider in your region:

Step 1 - the system
The first and most important step in establishing a successful bike sharing concept is to choose the technical system. This ensures that users can see all available models, it coordinates incoming bookings, verifies users and ensures that bikes you offer can be used without any problems. With MOQO's system, these processes work quickly and conveniently.

Step 2 - the concept
Not all bike sharing is the same. Decide whether your planned project should be station-based with fixed terminals, or whether you want to define free-floating areas. With MOQO, both options are possible. Your individual goals and preferences will decide which variant is best for you.

Step 3 - the recognition value
Create recognition value and design your bikes according to your wishes - the design could be based on your corporate design or your city colors, for example. Through the recognition value, potential users learn about your sharing offer and their interest is aroused.  
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Step 4 - Generate attention
Potential users need to know that you exist in order to become users. In addition to the uniform design of the bikes, you should also draw potential users' attention to you in other ways in order to become a successful bike sharing provider. Digital marketing measures such as a social media presence can also be used for this purpose. However, MOQO's marketing tools can help you attract users in an even more targeted way - this includes features such as entry-level discounts or QR codes for direct booking.

Step 5 - the infrastructure
For a successful bike sharing system, a well-developed infrastructure is essential. That is, the defined space for free-floating areas should be extended far enough to make renting bikes worthwhile for users. Sharing terminals should be deployed in smart locations such as train stations, popular bus stops, schools and universities. It is worth researching and exploring the market to filter out the most strategically intelligent locations.

Step 6 - the service
As in any industry, good service makes the difference between success and failure. There should always be a contact person for questions, criticism and praise. After all, it is annoying for both users and providers of sharing offers if bookings cannot be made due to errors or problems with the bike. With the help of the MOQO app, users are quickly connected to support so that customers can be helped as quickly as possible. Ideally, however, there is also always a contact person on site.

Step 7 - user centricity
The customer is king. Listen to your users' feedback and implement it when possible. For example, if you often get feedback that your bikes are dirty, it's worth it to claim a cleaning service that regularly cleans the bikes.  The MOQO app asks users for feedback and user satisfaction after each completed booking. This way, your sharing offer can constantly improve. 

Step 8 - Expand the network
Successful bike sharing inevitably involves a large network of customers who use your service. Make sure that your network continues to expand. In addition to steps 1-6, recommendations in particular ensure new customers. That's why the MOQO app is also equipped with the Friends Referral function - this way, satisfied customers can recommend your offer and gain users for you.

Step 9 - Connect in the MOQO network
For the optimal user experience, connecting different bike sharing providers is of high importance - because this way you offer customers even more flexibility and mobility. MOQO provides this and offers access to a Europe-wide sharing network. Another advantage for you as a bike sharing provider: Customers of other providers will also find your service and can use your offer, for example, during a vacation in your region.

Step 10 - the e-bike sharing
If you have become a successful bike sharing provider by following steps 1-9, it is worth thinking about adding e-bikes to your fleet as a final step. This will allow users to travel longer distances and older people can also benefit from your offer. 
To make your bike sharing offer even more attractive and you as a provider even more successful, it is a good idea to include sharing offers for e-cars, kick scooters and/or electric scooters in addition to (e-)bikes. 
With MOQO at your side, the 10 steps to success run smoothly.
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