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EVL Limburg

EVL Limburg – a Success Story

See opportunities and use them: EVL in Limburg has recognized the potential and started its own car sharing service.

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10dinge Bike Sharing

Die 10 Schritte zum Bike Sharing Anbieter

Bauen Sie Ihr eigenes Bike Sharing auf. Was zu tun ist erfahren Sie im 10-Schritte-Plan.

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Trafiko Trafikpoint

Trafikpoint | Mobility Station Made in Switzerland

Trafikpoint is the first mobility station in Switzerland to be launched as a subscription for areas. Residents can now use any means of transport with an app on site. The idea came from the Swiss mobility planners Trafiko.

Corona Update Ministerien

Development of international sharing offers

The colourful sharing world consists of many countries, because the topic of shared mobility is developing around the globe into an attractive and profitable business model ...

Corona Update Ministerien

Car sharing in Corona times: It works!

The use of car sharing is possible if the Corona hygiene rules are observed.

Van Sharing

Transporter Sharing

Provide special vehicles for non-routine tasks.

Schweiz Sharing

Setting off for Switzerland

Auto Birrer AG is currently showing how to set up professional car sharing with electric vehicles with its offer Share Birrer in Switzerland.

Shared Mobility einrichten

Ready to go in 4 weeks

Quite simply, shared mobility providers are made lean, unbureaucratic and in a few steps, without any previous knowledge.

Corona Update

Corona Update

Corona affects the shared mobility sector. What is the situation and what measures can currently be taken?

FAQ Elektrofahrzeuge

FAQ Electric vehicle sharing

Here you can get answers: What are the benefits of Mobility Sharing with electric vehicles? What are the advantages and disadvantages? How does MOQO support as a platform?

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Wir erklären Ihnen die Unterschiede verschiedener Carsharing Software

Differences in car sharing software

To operate a car sharing platform, the right software is of course a decisive factor. As a prospective operator of your own car sharing service, you will sooner or later ask yourself the question of which software to use. …

Carsharing Software