All-In-One App

MOQO sharing app

Find, open, start. The app allows a user to be mobile and offers car, bike and scooter sharing wherever he or she may be. It’s self-explanatory and intuitive and guides the user through every step. Plus Partners can fully customize the app with their own branding on request.

Find the Right Vehicle

All on one map

All users can register for public and available sharing offers and book the vehicles with ease. Available vehicles are found at a glance on the map.

Through invitation

Selected user groups can be set up and given access to private sharing offers. This enables exclusive sharing for lodging accommodations as well as company car sharing for employees. Selected users can access private sharing offers after receiving an email invitation.


Fully Automated Registration Process

Users can register for open sharing offers at anytime. Renting vehicles is possible whenever necessary.

register for free

Set up account

Download the app and create a new profile. The setup is completed in just a few steps.

POSTID driving licence validation

Validate driving licence

With the app, a driving license can be validated digitally on-site at the respective provider or from anywhere. License validation is requested every six months. Safety first.


Store means of payment

Booking fees are paid by credit card or with SEPA. Different payment methods can be designated for different sharing offers.

Use All Vehicle Types

Carsharing Access

Gain entry to a car without a key

Gain entry to a car without a key With keyless entry, all you need is the app and an existing Bluetooth connection to open a car or van.

Open bike lock

Ride eBikes

The app opens the lock on the bike or the bolt lock at the bike station. The ‘Pause Feature’ secures and holds the bike while you’re on the go.

Start electric scooters

Electric scooters are also be operated via the app. Helmets are located in the top cases of the scooters, ensuring safety on the road.

Electric scooters are also be operated via the app. Helmets are located in the top cases of the scooters, ensuring safety on the road.

Support with Refueling and Charging

Vehicles are always booked with a full tank or charge level. This standard is supported by calculated charging costs, vehicle return requirements and much more.

charging station finder

Integrated Charging Station Locator

Find and navigate to the nearest charging station. The station finder displays available charging stations directly in the the app.

Charging card and fuel card

Charging and fuel cards

The vehicles are equipped with charging or fuel cards. Charing and refueling does not generate any additional costs.

Manual electric car charging

Instructions and PIN

If it’s the first time on the road with a fuel card and you never charged an electric vehicle before - the app makes the process a breeze.

Vehicle Return

Station-based car sharing

Station-based sharing offers

The vehicle will be parked at the station where it was picked up to complete the booking. This ensures the next user will always find his or her vehicle at the usual location.

Freefloating Car Sharing


Each free floating sharing offer has defined areas for vehicle return. Restricted areas can even be defined within a free-floating area. The app supports drivers with an overview of permitted areas of return.

Are the return requirements met?

Determine return criteria

Simply end the booking with the slider!

Slider Return

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